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A handpicked selection of unique Croatian wines.

Explore our curated collection of rare Croatian wines, crafted by small local Croatian winemakers to bring you the essence of Croatia’s rich terroir. Buy Croatian wines online and have them delivered to your EU, UK, CH & NO doorsteps!🚚

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Dive into captivating tales of Croatian wine! Unravel the rich history, passionate winemakers,
and unique flavors that make Croatian wine truly unforgettable.

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About Wine & More

Meet the Team and the
Story behind Wine&more

Once upon a time, a group of friends shared a deep love for small-batch, handpicked wines. However, they were tired of the never-ending search for these hidden gems, especially from lesser-known wine countries like Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Slovenia.

They grew weary of searching high and low, scouring the shelves of countless wine shops, only to come up empty-handed. Tired of being limited to the same old selections from the usual suspects like France, Italy, and Spain, they yearned for something different, something unique.

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Our wine club is coming

Join our Wine Club! 🍷🎉 Unlock exclusive access to handpicked Croatian wines, member-only discounts, and wine-lover events. Don’t miss out! ✨ Be One of the First in Line for Limited Spots!

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Featuring Croatia’s finest wines! 🌟 Delight your senses with our handpicked selection of
top-notch vintages, showcasing the best of Croatia’s terroir. Indulge & enjoy! 🍷✨

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Browse Wines by Type

Explore wines your way! 🍷🔍 Browse our diverse selection by type – red, white, rosé,
or sparkling – to find the perfect Croatian wine for any occasion. Cheers! 🥂

Wine Stories

Unearth Wine Stories! 📖🍷 Dive into the fascinating world of Croatian wines, where history,
culture, and passion intertwine to create captivating tales worth savoring. ✨

472 Stories

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Welcome to the world of wine. Whether you’re are experienced wine enthusiast or just getting your first taste of the world of wine we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn about the basics of wine, we’ll demystify advanced lingo and introduce you to our friends, the winemakers.
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There’s more to wine and food than just food pairing. We believe that everyone who loves wine loves food as well. Bon appetit.

Our Principles

High Quality

The best selection of small-production Wines


A handpicked selection of unique, rare, and hard to find Wines


Discover a diverse range of Balkan wines, embracing cultural heritage and diversity.

Customer Focus

To excellence, always focused on the ultimate customer experience.

Proven Track record

Making wine Lovers happy with rare finds since 2016

Wine&more: Satisfied Customer Stories

Explore glowing reviews from our Wine&more customers who bought Croatian wines! 🍷🛍️
Discover their favorites and why they keep returning for another taste. Cheers! 🥳

My experience is very positive, in comparison to other webshops, they have reasonable prices and shipping, and that is the reason I am ordering only from them now. A great plus is also their customer service, very supportive and quick in last minute changes!
Tea Deanovic
Tea Deanovic
March 4, 2023
Awesome selection of wines, great customer service. They ship wine in EU and USA.
Dario Drmac
Dario Drmac
January 25, 2023
The best place to shop the wines, especially Croatian ones!
Maja Duka
Maja Duka
January 24, 2023
Amazing selection of wines and fast delivery! The customer service is amazing & quick to answer any questions.
Valentina Silović
Valentina Silović
January 24, 2023
Amazing store with a huge selection of wines from Croatia - perfect for those who want to explore new flavors. Quick, hassle-free delivery and top-notch customer service!
Olga Glioza
Olga Glioza
January 23, 2023
Had a few troubles with them and even though it took few days to resolve the problems, they dealt with it perfectly. Thanks to Viktor and team I would highly recommend this store especially if you want to taste Croatian wines.
September 9, 2022
Terrific! Prompt and very helpful advice. Fantastic service to Austria. Wonderful selection of Croatian wines which I learned to love in Osor on the island of Cres.
tony day
tony day
September 9, 2022
Really good wine store with a lot of croatian wines that are fantastic. The service is absolutely on point. The wine comes perfectly sealed (shipping to Germany takes only about 2-3 days) - I highly recommend buying there especially if you're interested in getting to know the beauty of croatian wines. Big Up!
Robert S.C.
Robert S.C.
June 18, 2021

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