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The Story of Wine & More

No worries Rodney… this time next year, we’ll be sommeliers!

MISSION: We are creating a community, spreading the idea, sharing content about Croatian wine with all wine enthusiasts out there, and making the wine easily available for purchase.

VISION: Wine has become an integral part of everyday culture and living and our vision is finding a place on a global table for an authentic, high-quality bottle of Croatian wine.

We are a couple of friends who are really convinced that our country Croatia is irresistibly beautiful. But we are not sure that everybody else in the world knows that. At Wine and More we also think that Croatian wines are beautifully irresistible, and again, not sure that everybody else in the world knows that. It would be nice to have a tourist agency, but we like wine a little bit more.

So, why not show the world how Croatian wines are great? We know everything about them, we personally know the winemakers behind them and luckily, we also know how to make a great-looking, useful, user-friendly, information-packed website to jump start this idea… the idea of making Croatian wines within close reach to every wine enthusiast out there.

But have never merely wanted just to sell bottles, we have always wanted to share ideas, stories, flavors, experience. We want to create a community of wine lovers interested in Croatian wine & more. Much more…

For example, if you’re interested in Zinfandel, you can get the best bottles of Zinfandel variety from our best winemakers, but also, you can get the whole inside story about it. If you are fond of sparkling wine, here you can find out everything about our “sparkling wine region” Plešivica, and get an additional value to your order for free.

That is why Wine & More is more than just a Croatian wine webshop.

Every bottle has a story, and every variety a handful of those. So, join us on an adventure of discovery, because we can help you with what you need, we can create the best possible selection and deliver it to your home address quickly and safely. We are not selling, we are sharing. 

Check out our clip and get in the mood to order some wine 😉


BRZA DISTRIBUCIJA d.o.o., Wholesale of beverages

OIB: 34663356587
VAT ID: HR34663356587
Oreškovićeva 8/1, 10000 Zagreb
MB: 4248562
MBS: 080922187
ESTABLISHED: Commercial Court in Zagreb 09.07.2014.
(public registry number Tt-14 / 16191-3)
IBAN PBZ: HR1023400091110668770
EMAIL: info(at)
OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE ADDRESS: Oreškovićeva 8/1, 10000 Zagreb
CONTACT NUMBER: +385 99 592 7371


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