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Nenad Trifunovic
Nenad Trifunovic
Professional Wine drinker ;)

Moderator of a series of wine workshops and educator of wine course (Wine Reading), promoter of table culture and wine writer, most famous as an author of the most influential Croatian wine blog (, whose unpretentious approach won over both the most demanding and massive wine audience. Always focused on wine, his passion and knowledgeable impressions provoked numerous comments and wine discussions. Over the years, as a taster, Vinopija proved as an independent and sharp palate. His thoughtful wine descriptions and open-mindedness brought wine thrill to many.

My Wine&More List


Ilok Winery – A historical Winery in Eastern Croatia
Indigenous Wine Workshop-Dalmatia’s Modern Tradition
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Terroir wines
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Extra virgin olive oil and your pets
Croatian Sauvignon Blanc Tasting
A sip of beer that takes you places
A sip of wine that takes you places
A sip that takes you places
In the Embrace of the Danube, Grapevine and a Woman – Antunović Winery
Croatian Chardonnay Tasting
Easter Pet Nat Hunt
7 Reasons Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Extra Healthy
Bolfan Winery – Harmony of Life
Your Definitive Beer Styles guide
Organic Wine – Once You Feel It, You’ll Never Leave It
Corked Wine – once you smell it, you never forget it
Why All the Wine Should (Not) Be Vegan Wine?

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