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Content marketing sommelier

What will you actually do (besides tasting wine)?

Every excellent wine story starts in the vineyard where soil, grapes, sun, and some magic create the nectar of gods. Our wine journey is about inspiring, tasteful content that grows on you, just like a great bottle of vintage wine.

One of the secrets of great wine is finding a balance between acidity, tannins, fruit, etc. In content, your job is to find the balance between channels, to define and execute a content strategy that will raise awareness and bring in leads in our virtual basement. Each wine and beer enthusiast is different.

They have different tastes but what brings them together are stories about their beverage of choice. They come in all forms and sizes.

We will provide you with raw content. Your job is to tell the story using different channels (web, Youtube, Instagram, TikTok….).


In a nutshell, you will be responsible for:

  • Owned and earned marketing channels
  • Managing external agency for paid media (Google ads, Social ads)
  • Content strategy for WineAndMore, defining tactics and KPIs
  • Performing research and gathering in-depth knowledge on our customer personas
  • Overseeing writing style, tone of voice, and visual expression of all content
  • Executing content strategy in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, agency and external partners
  • Stock management
  • Project management of content production
  • Tasting wine and beer

What characteristics will make you the best candidate?

You’re likely to be the perfect fit for our team if you:

  • Are passionate about artisan products and storytelling
  • Have experience in content creation and curation
  • Understand how each social media platform works in theory and practice
  • Are not afraid to experiment
  • Are not afraid to fail
  • Have at least four years of experience in content marketing-related jobs
  • Passion for wine and beer is an advantage
  • Are passionate about organizing things

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