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Brist Intenso
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The BRIST Olive brand is a creation of Silvano Puhar and his family who share vision of using traditional growing techniques dating from Roman times in combination with the most modern of production methodologies to provide BRIST oils with an unrivalled quality, in what is already an unsurpassed region of Istria, for olive growing. Our olives at BRIST are grown specifically in antique Roman Villae Rusticae olive groves overlooking the beautiful Brijuni archipelago. In doing this they continue thousands-year-old​ tradition.

Oil notes

PRODUCER Brist Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Žišolera, Buša, Karbonaca, Morasola, Rosulja

For those who know the region of Istria and have experienced wild rocket or spring onions, you will know that nature here can have quite a spicy edge. INTENSO is one of these great products – a naturally spicy and masterful olive oil with quite a bite. Pronounced, intense bitterness and spicy flavor. Combines beautifully with strong tastes and flavors of dishes with truffles, spiced salads, grilled red meats, especially venison and is a fantastic addition drizzled over rich chocolate ice cream. Made from Žišolera, Buša, Karbonaca, Morasola, Rosulja olive oil varieties

  • Black pepper
    Black pepper
  • Green olive
    Green olive
  • Cut green grass
    Cut green grass
  • Almond

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