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Salvela Leccino

Salvela Leccino
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The tradition of olive growing in the area of Vodnjan backs many years and had a particularly large rise during the Roman Empire nearly 2000 years ago. The peninsula near the village of Barbariga at that time was the estate specialised for growing olives with a large olive mill on the farm. In a neighboring village, where today Fažana is, there was a workshop for making amphoras. Amphora with the stamp of Fažana were found in various parts of the Mediterranean and in Rome, which indicates that the oil was exported from here across the Empire. Harvest is done manually since the beginning of October to November. Processing is done on the same day as the harvest in modern mill in Vodnjan with continuous closed system. At temperatures lower than 24 ° C. "Cold process". Within a few days after the processing the filtering is also done. Olive oil is kept in barrels under nitrogen atmosphere at a temperature of 16 deg °C.

Oil notes

Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Leccino

The variety of early maturation, whose oil is most pronounced bouquet by olive fruit ("fruttato d'oliva") with brilliant green - yellow color. The flavour is characterized by fullness and completeness - when tasting, the mouth and nose meet his fresh, mild scent and taste of pleasant bitterness of green almond and radicchio. One can add many different dishes that are raised to a new quality. Ideally complements the mushrooms, marinated tuna, fried fish and aged cheeses.

  • green almonds
    green almonds
  • radicchio
  • Cut green grass
    Cut green grass
  • chicory

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