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You understand eCommerce and Content?

Can you help us put Croatian Wine and Craft Beer on the Global Map?

A bit about us

Behind every great wine, every craft beer, artisanal spirit, and natural, high-quality product stands a great idea and years of hard work. But artisanal expertise and exceptional results often aren’t enough to give these great products the visibility they deserve.

This is where we come in.

We bring together a range of technological solutions and online platforms dedicated to presenting and distributing high-quality products. We put small producers on the map.

We tell the story behind every distinctive bottle of olive oil, wine, and craft beer, and put authentic products in the spotlight they deserve, powered with easy-to-use, smart online platforms that bring centuries-old crafts into the digital age.

We need assistance with this responsible work on WineAndMore, and we’re hoping you can help.

What is WineAndMore?

WineAndMore is a platform that combines storytelling, marketplace, and eCommerce while offering buyers a chance to educate themselves about wine and have it delivered worldwide.

Its goal is to find a place on a global table for an authentic, high-quality bottle of Croatian wine, craft beer, and olive oil. It is a unique combination of an online store and a web portal that tells stories about wines and wine culture, craft beer, and olive oil.

The project’s primary goal is to create a community of people connected by their love of wine.


Why is WineAndmore a great place to work?

We believe that people are the most important asset we have. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts in various disciplines – content, commerce, e-commerce, vine, SEO, marketing, finance, retail, and wine industry experts.

What connects them is their passion for what they do, love for the product, technology, and storytelling. We don’t have a fancy office and all the perks, but we have a passion for succeeding and, hopefully, moving into a fancy office with perks.

We also have wine and beer 🙂

Now we need your assistance. There are two open slots on our team:

Content marketing sommelier

Social Media Manager

You are invited to join the party 😉

saint martins day

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