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66 results found for „sparkling wine“
Plešivica – home of Croatian sparkling wines!
Is Ivančić Griffin the new king of Croatian sparkling wines?
Tomac Amfora Sparkling Wine – Among the 75 Decanter Stellar Wines of 2016.
Zagreb Bubbles – International festival of sparkling wines
When the clock hits midnight! 3 tricks for serving sparkling wines properly
2nd Salon of Sparkling Wines Zagreb
Movia Puro: Sparkling wine that you can disgorge at your home
Sparkling drops of unique grape varieties coming from Barun Winery, Plešivica
Your 2016 New Year’s wine Resolution!
Drinking Wine in Croatia Dos and Donts
8 Best Kept Wine Secrets
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7 Croatian summer wines you must try!
Is there a cult wine in Croatia?
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This Christmas Don’t Mess With Wine, I Mean, Croatian Wine!
3 Croatian red wines for you to taste next
5 Wine Trends to Watch for in 2017 and Where’s Croatian Wine in that story?
Orange Wine Movement – White Wine Made As Red
Festival of Rosé Wines Pink Day 2017 – Report!
Exceptional Korčula: Zure Winery from Lumbarda
3 Platinum medals for Croatia on Decanter World Wine Awards 2017
5 ways to chill the wine!
Graševina without limits! First international wine conference about Graševina in Zagreb
Two space shuttles from Tomac Winery
First complete guide on Croatian wines in English – Cracking Croatian Wine
Slowing the pace down at the Meneghetti Wine Hotel
10 Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia – 2017/2018
Croatian Wine “Hall of Fame” – Vinart Annual Awards in Wine for the 2017.
6 amazing bottles of wine as the perfect Christmas gift
New and original! Degarra winery turns the former military barracks into a house of wine and delicacies
Ribolla Gialla – Slovenia’s white wine everyone is crazy about
Experience the pearl of the Adriatic with wine – Dubrovnik FestiWine 2018
The royal from Pelješac – Matuško Winery
Stay in the vineyards: 7 Best Wine Hotels and Winery Accommodations in Croatia
Best in the World: Portugieser wines made in Plešivica!
7 Reasons why You Should Not Drink Croatian Wine!
5 mistakes we do while ordering wine in a restaurant
Have fun with wines: How to create a unique and entertaining Christmas wine list?
Pinot Noir Love Affair – Modri Les Noirs Wine Festival
Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia
A Complete Newbie’s Guide to Wine Festivals
Wine Without Borders – The Almasy Collection
Cyber Monday Wine Sale: Shop now!
Drink Black Friday Wine Sale!
Best New Year’s Resolutions: Drink More Good Wine? We have something to get you started!
The history of wine bottle
5 best Buy Reds Under 7 EUR (and 1 Sparkling Rose)
What should you drink on Christmas Day?
This Valentine’s ditch the slopes for vineyards!
Prosek vs Prosecco
Is it a big thing to have Riedel Malvazija Istriana glass?
Meneghetti – Art in the bottle
Meet Graševina – Absolute Queen of the Croatian Vineyards
Rose All Day! – Save the Date for the Pink Day 2017.
Hello Spring – 50 Shades of Pink from Croatia
How long does a bottle last once opened?
2017 Vintage in Croatia – Challenging but full of potential
6 Stunning Vineyard Locations in Croatia
What should you drink on Christmas Day?
Vista Hill: Hedonistic mission through Croatia and Slovenia top restaurants
Beginners Guide to Bordeaux Appellations
Kutjevo: Tradition that Lasts for Centuries
You should give up Chardonnay and get addicted to Graševina!
The Grk Grape Variety – an incredible dame amongst grapes

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