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Black Friday Testament

Testament Dalmatian Dog special case
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44.00 €54.00 €336,07 HRK412,45 HRK

Who let the dogs out?!? This year Black Friday comes in spots. Like the ones a Dalmatian dog carries. Inspired by a Dalmatian authentic varietal wines, Babić and Pošip, this Black Friday Testament winery deal will make You happier than the dog on the label. Woof! Woof!

Wine notes

Winery Testament Winery
Country Croatia
Region Dalmatia
Variety Babić
Category Red wines
Bottle size 0.75 L
Alcohol 14 %
Production 5.000
Award Decanter Wine Awards 2020 - Gold
  • Plum
  • Fig
  • Herbs
  • Cherry

It is a fruity, medium-bodied wine with lively acids and a firm structure. It has dark ruby color and aromas of ripe red cherry and Dalmatian herbs. Aged only in stainless steel, Dalmatian dog is terroir-driven, vibrant and full of life. It’s maker, enologist Juraj Sladić succeeded to make an impressive babić without needing the wood.

  • Vegetables
  • Carbonara
  • Casserol
  • Hamburger

Testament vineyards are in the wine-growing region of Northern Dalmatia, in the immediate vicinity of the medieval town, Šibenik. With the unique climate and the specificity of the soil. In Šibenik area grapes have constantly struggled to grow and thrive. This centuries-old ritual of survival is felt and seen in Testament wines’ intense and deep colors, and in their intense flavors and aromas. Testament unique wines come from the Pošip and Babić grape. Both varieties are indigenous, and Babić grapes only grow on this part of the Dalmatian coast, where Testament vineyards are located. Testament wines are created in an organic production process with the benefits of the region’s special microclimate and soil, giving them a particularly rich and complex taste. Dalmatian dog is the ‘younger brother’ of Testament Babić.

Wine notes

Winery Black Island Winery
Country Croatia
Region Dalmatia
Variety Pošip
Category White wines
Bottle size 0.75 L
Alcohol 13 %
Production 5.000
Award Decanter Wine Awards 2020 - Bronze
  • Citrus
  • Herbs
  • Green apple
  • Acacia flowers

The Dalmatian Dog Pošip is a white wine with rich aromas with the traditional characteristics of citrus fruits, stone fruits, and Mediterranean herbs. The wine is a great way to get to know this Dalmatian white wine favorite. It offers complexity with a lingering minerality. Best served at 12-14°C.

  • Meat risotto
  • Carbonara
  • Casserol
  • Hamburger

In the center of the island of Korčula, the freshwater ponds that feed the vineyards of the village of Smokvica are a remarkable gift of nature. Local people call this place “Merga Victa,” meaning “path for water” in old Dalmatian. Vineyards are located on the outskirts of Smokvica, the birthplace of Pošip. Local people have planted indigenous grape varieties on terraced fields carved out of rocky hillsides, fed by the water from the streams. Today’s winemakers do most of their work by hand, just like their ancestors. Pošip is the true Dalmatian white grape variety, originally discovered by a local farmer 150 years ago in the very village Smokvica where the winery is located. Merga Victa carefully selects its grapes from 25 local family farmers that have been growing grapes for generations. There are a total of 200 vineyards in Smokvica, between 40 and 160 meters above sea level. Vines are at least 15 years old and the selected grapes come from three different soil types (red soil, sand, and rocky) to achieve the right balance.

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