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The Best Croatian White Wine Case

The Best Croatian White Wine Case
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$144.25978,41 HRK
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Croatia is a small country, but there are some really great wines. For let it be known, and some are still undiscovered. In this selection we offer you the best of the best, and we invite you, if you have not already, enrich your gourmet-oenological life with tastes that will always remain with you. Taste samo of the best Croatian white wines curently available.

Wine notes

Winery Stina Vina
Country Croatia
Region Dalmatia
Variety Pošip
Category White wines
Bottle size 0.75 L
Production 25.000
Award Silver medal, "Wine Challenge in London" (vintage 2015)
  • Herbs
  • Peach
  • Tropical fruit
  • Vanilla

Full wine with ripe flavors, rich and layered scent. It has dominant aromas of tropical fruit, peach, Mediterranean herbs and vanilla. Composed acidity gives it a lovely balance and juiciness. It goes great with fish, and because of its fruitiness and fullness it can be great companion to the meat such as veal or marinated poultry.

  • Poultry
  • Salads
  • Shrimps
  • White fish

Pošip is one of Croatian white varieties with the greatest potential. This wine comes from Korcula, the old vineyards that are traditionally the best microlocation for growing Posip. The winery is from the island of Brač, unique and famous for its white stone (Stina). Many famous Croatian poets, authors, sculptors, and painters were born on Brač. Brač stone has always been a source of inspiration due to its beauty, but it is also a symbol of hardship when it comes to viticulture and viniculture. And that is where the inspiration for the name STINA comes from. In the Dalmatian dialect, this word means stone, the strongest symbol of the island of Brač.

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