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10 Christmas Wines to Restore Holiday Spirit

This year, Christmas holidays will cherish different values. Instead of getting together with friends and family, safe distance will be priority. That is no reason why we shouldn’t look forward to celebrating Christmas 2020 and seeing the year 2020 off. 

“There may be more beautiful times, but this one is ours.” We wouldn’t normally share such a bumper sticker quote, even if it’s from Jean-Paul Sartre, but this really sums it up. 

And in our world, a day without the miracle of wine is wasted. So we gave 2020 one last glance to see what good was there that can be used to restore the Christmas spirit.

1. Jagunić Three Stars – Melodic and much more complex than it seems at first, just like Jingle Bells Rock. If that melody doesn’t lift your spirit, these perfectly balanced classic bubbles should.

2. Milan Pošip – in case you overstuff yourself with codfish every Christmas like we do, singing Joy to the World might come difficult. To aid digestion and ace the food pairing task, remember to take Pošip accordingly. Pssst… Nature sings

3. Meneghetti White – Apply gently with We Wish You a Merry Christmas 🙂 An easy ride, focused with accents appearing in regular order. Just like the song. Only sung by angels.

4. Adžić Graševina Hrnjevac – Use generously with Silent Night. Literally heart-melting, with residual sweetness that will bring tears to the most suspicious eyes.

5. Enjingi VenjeIt’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. The very name feels like roast turkey and a table full of everything, including this wine that will shine like a Christmas tree. Warmth, joy and plenitude.

6. Rak Babić – A red that makes you sing Deck the Halls. Babić and Christmas, can’t get more festive than that. Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la, la-la…

7. Josić Cabernet Franc – Seemingly simple, pure and effective. Progression on the palate, indeed. One that you can’t get out of your head. A lot like Jingle bells. Don’t fight it. It’s Christmas.

8. Škegro Carsus Trnjak Pair it with Twelve Days of Christmas because it lingers, confirming the previous sensation and bringing a new one each time you taste it.

Kiridžija Dingač 2019
$36.83267,83 HRK

9. Kiridžija Dingač – If you can’t see yourself with Dingač in hand resting by the fireplace, with snow outside, you need that one badly. Let it Snow.

10. Stina Prošek To slow things down after a good meal, Croatian tradition prefers Prošek, with or instead of dessert. It’s time for White Christmas, only without dreaming…

Because, to start from the beginning again, “This small moment in the history of the universe, this is ours. And let’s do everything with it. Everything.”

Nenad Trifunovic
Professional Wine drinker ;)

Moderator of a series of wine workshops and educator of wine course (Wine Reading), promoter of table culture and wine writer, most famous as an author of the most influential Croatian wine blog (

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