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Platinum Medals harvest for Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia on the Decanter Awards 2020

Platinum Medals harvest for Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia on the Decanter Awards 2020

It`s that time of the year. Harvest in vineyards is almost finished and as far as Croatia is concerned, it is generally outstanding in quality. Another 2020 harvest is also outstanding and that is the harvesting of the Decanter Awards. 

3 Platinum wines, 11 Golds, 68 Silvers and 88 Bronze feels overwhelming! 170 medals in total for Croatian wines!!!

Kutjevo De Gotho Graševina 2020
$11.79$17.6785,74 HRK128,50 HRK

And congrats to Slovenia and Serbia! 186 medals for Slovenia, 4 Platinum, 7 Golds, 60 Silver, and 114 Bronze medals, plus one Best in show wine. Serbia won 89 medals, 3 Golds, 26 Silvers, 59 Bronze, and even a Platinum! For Erdevik winery Omnibus Lector Chardonnay 2015.

Istria confirmed its place as the forefront of Croatian winemaking, but the others joined in a share of medals, especially Dalmatia and Slavonia. And for the 97 points and the Platinum Decanter medal, we proudly present 3 whites: 2017 Kozlović Selekcija Malvazija, 2015 Cattunar Nono 4 Terre, and 2018 Kutjevo Graševina de Gotho. 

Another step up for already two most successful Croatian varieties, Malvazija Istriana and Graševina (Welschriesling).

We are thrilled our beloved Testament winery from Dalmatia won two Gold medals. 95 points for white wine Testament Pošip vintage 2019 and for the red wine The Dalmatian Dog“ Babić vintage 2016. The same score shares Festigia wines from Vina Laguna in Istria. White Festigia Malvazija from 2016 and red Castello blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah from 2016.

All of the mentioned bottles and many others Decanter 2020 award-winning wines are available on wine&more. At least for now 🙂


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