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5 ways to chill the wine!

In most supermarkets and wine shops, you’ll find bottles of wine laid out on a room temperature which enables you to drink them right away. We explored what are the quickest ways for chilling your favorite bottle, right after you purchased it!

The most effective traditional method: Ice bucket with water!

You might think of a fridge or freezer first, but the most effective traditional way to cool down a bottle quickly is the ice bucket filled with water. Water is the key here, so don’t forget it! A bottle in ice alone will chill very slowly. Water fully surrounds the bottles in ice making it more effective in cooling.

And we have to admit, the wine bucket also adds to the atmosphere of enjoying wine.

Tip: You can also add a generous amount of salt to the ice bucket with water. Adding salt increases the cooling potential of the ice and water.

Adding a generous amount of salt increases the cooling effect of ice bucket with water

The freezer comes second in chilling the wine

It’s okay to chill the wine in the freezer, just don’t forget to take it out! Here is what time you should keep the bottle in the freezer.

  • Red wine: around 40 minutes
  • White and rose wine: around 1 hour

Don’t forget to take it out of the freezer! Remember, wine is mainly water. Because of the alcohol content, the freezing temperature is lower, nevertheless, wine can freeze. This can alter the flavors and aromas of the wine.

This is where you keep the bottles, not chill them quickly

Slowest method for chilling wine in the refrigerator

But then again, it allows the wine to chill down easily. You know it is always good to have a few bottles, especially sparkling or sweet in the refrigerator. You never know when you’re going to need it.

To good thing with the refrigerator is that if you forget about the wine, it will still be at a good temperature (except reds) the next day.

  • Red wine: around 2,5 hours
  • White and rose wine: around 3 hours
If you have no time at all to chill the wine, some suggest adding frozen grapes to chill it and enjoy

Adding frozen grapes to chill the wine

We wouldn’t suggest adding anything to a glass of wine, but if you’re really in a hurry and don’t have any time left – frozen grapes sound like fun.

They won’t melt and dilute the wine. Place the rest of the bottle to chill in some of the ways we suggested above to get it ready for a refill.

Tip: You could also use stainless steel ice cubes, made for chilling the drinks. They are re-usable and you can find them online. Keep them in the freezer, you know the summer is almost at the doors!

Brilliant new ideas: The “Tea Bag” 3-minute method

There are genius new ideas for chilling the wine we found online. Here is one we picked up from the wine blog The Wine Wankers. They call it the teabag method and they say in only 3 minutes, you’ll have your wine ready for service.

Life-saving in hot, summer months. This is on our to-do list!

Now when you know how to chill your wine, we added great new wines to our wine selection. Pick something you like and we’ll deliver in the next 5 working days!


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