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5 Wine Trends to Watch for in 2017 and Where’s Croatian Wine in that story?

Speaking of wine trends in general, for a long time, it was about established wine regions and first growths. However, for a couple of years now, things seem to be changing: wine drinkers are eager to experiment with different styles and varieties which brings them to unconventional wine regions and varietals. As new wine styles and grapes appear on menus, the importance of wine apps is rapidly growing. This means that customers are able to pinpoint why they like a certain wine and seek out other wines instead of sticking to one go-to wine.

This seems to be especially true for “millennials”, the generation born in the years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, whose influence is becoming crucial in shaping the wine scene in the years to come.

Being curious to find out what changes 2017 is bringing, I searched more than 20 different wine websites, blogs, columns etc., and, as a result, I came up with 5 prevailing trends predicted for this year. Some of these trends are in favor of Croatian wines and we should definitely learn how to take advantage of it.

1. Non-champagne sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are no longer limited for consumption on special occasions and that’s why the quest for more affordable bubbles will lead drinkers to new choices beyond champagne.

Italian Prosecco, German Sekt and Spanish Cava will continue their climb in popularity, but an up-and-coming wine category will definitely see its rise – sparklingreds. Croatia is following the trend with Ivančić Griffin Dark Side, the only red sparkling wine in Croatia made from Portugizec. Put this wine on your wine list for 2017.

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2. Lesser known wine regions and more obscure wines. Croatia has both. A growing number of well-informed consumers are looking for wines that are different and authentic. Anyone can order a bottle of French Bordeaux, but, if you really want to impress yourself and others, order a bottle of Malvasia Istriana.

Let’s make it clear: it’s a matter of different perspectives. While Malvasia Istriana is among the most popular white wines in Croatia, wine critic Ted Scheffler wrote in his column for “Salt Lake City Weekly” that he enjoys experimenting with more obscure wine varieties and Malvasia Istriana is of course, one of them.

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3. Better wine apps. Whether there were consumers with more adventurous spirit to produce better wine applications or better wine apps are a product of customers’ willingness to experiment more, today we can say for sure that wine apps will be deciding factors in the purchase of a wine bottle.

Wine drinkers are constantly looking for new ways on how to remember the wines they liked and how to get advice about wines they may taste. Apps like Delectable and Vivino are still very popular. For those who own a cellar, Cellar Tracker is the go-to app. Those who love and want to learn more on Croatian wine should stick to Wine & more.

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4. Trendy Packaging to attract Millennials. As the wine consumption is increasing amongst millennials, the wine industry is putting more emphasis on labeling and packaging. Millennials drink wine on daily basis and they won’t spend time reading how long the wine has aged.

A catchy name or interesting logo is what actually attracts them. This young crowd tries to be less stuffy about everything and they are responsible for an anti-snob trend in wine. This means that the days of theleather bounded wine list with gothic letters are gone forever. More restaurants will go for funky wine lists in the form of comic books called zines with handwritten wine names, cartoon balloons and lots of colors.

The anti-snob attitude is also reflected in the latest fashion in wine industry which is called canned wine. According to the stats, sales of canned wine in the US have more than doubled. While I cannot think of any Croatian wine being put into the can, many Croatian winemakers adopted new ways of promotion and packaging in order to stand out from their square competitors.

Photo Credit:

One of them is Hrvoje Mežnarić. His noir style inspired illustrations showing animals holding a glass of wine in their own specific way are really refreshing. Moreover, the back label of each of his wines contains a different movie quote which describes best the personality of the winemaker.

Miloš Stagnum 2011
$90.37665,07 HRK

5. Biodynamic and natural wines. As consumers become savvier about what’s been put in the wines they drink, they’re starting to prefer wines with as little technological or chemical intervention as possible. This trend already started in previous years and will definitely continue in 2017.

In this category Croatia also has something to say. At the festival of biodynamic and natural wines Label Karakterre that was held recently in Vienna, Croatia was present with four biodynamic wineries: Miloš, Križ, Kosovec and Piquentum.

Visit Wine & more shop online to search for some biodynamic wines from these wineries.

Photo Credit:

Now let me conclude with one obvious fact: whoever wants to follow the latest trends in wine will not be able to do so without committing to buying some Croatian wine.


Writen by Jelena Bulum


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