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Stay in the vineyards: 7 Best Wine Hotels and Winery Accommodations in Croatia

These 7 amazing places show you how diverse Croatia is! Wine hotels and accommodation from the continental part to coastline and islands. Here is where you can enjoy amazing wines, learn how they are made, pair them with traditional Croatian cuisine and sleep like a very happy baby – without a need to step out of the hotel.

1. Bolfan Vinski Vrh, Zagorje

A cottage on a hilltop with vineyards spreading everywhere you look. This is the place you go when you want to reconnect with nature. The philosophy of the owner, TomislavBolfan, is seen on every corner – from the food being served in the restaurant, bought only from the farmers they know to the wines being made according to nature and organic farming.

What they achieve at this hilltop is reminding us that the food we choose to eat should heal and nurture our soul, not only stop the hunger. Stop a little and slow the pace down.

Fire crackling in the fireplace and a glass of Bolfan Sauvignon Blanc or Rhine Riesling should help you relax while staying in Bolfan vinski vrh.


Bolfan Vinski Vrh, Photo: FB

2. Sontacchi, Kutjevo

“It’s very easy to get to Kutjevo, but hard to leave “. That’s why you should find the right place for resting. What’s more interesting than staying in the middle of the magic, winery that also offers really authentic, rustical accommodation?

The annual production of the Sontacchi is less than 10.000 bottles per year, so it is very hard to get their wines even in Croatia. Prepare to be taken off by the fruit forwardness, lively and expressive wines made out of Graševina, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

Situated at the Graševina square the Sontacchi is the best start for exploring this most produced and wanted grape variety in Croatia.


3. Roxanich Heritage Wine Hotel, Motovun

Motovun is the best-preserved medieval Istrian fort surrounded by famous forest and river Mirna. Specific micro-locations with especially rich flora are where the white truffles grow and where grapes and vineyards have been cultivated for years.

The Roxanich Winery is going back to where it all started, here in Motovun. They are building the Roxanich Heritage Wine Hotel that is announced to be opened in summer of 2018.

Like in winemaking, they want to give sincere and authentic experience to wine lovers visiting Croatia. The wine cellar stretches on 5 floors underground which is vital for their long aging range of wines and the hotel will host various events and gastronomic workshops. They will also include the art with planned exhibitions inside the hotel.

So, in one place, you’ll have a chance to know Istria much better, through fine art, cuisine, wines, and agriculture.

Roxanich Heritage Wine Hotel

4. Meneghetti Wine Hotel, Bale

A luxurious retreat in the middle of what it seems to be an unbeaten path in the middle of the woods. At Menegethi Hotel and Winery you will be accommodated in traditional stone houses, surrounded by the olive grove and the amphitheater-shaped vineyards.

World on its own, Meneghetti offers an indoor and outdoor pool as well as a Meneghetti private beach. The cuisine in the restaurant is the combination of modern expressions with a traditional touch, choosing carefully locally sourced ingredients. Dinner here can take hours, leaving you selecting the archive bottles of prized Meneghetti Red blend from the wine list that includes the most important Croatian white and red wines as well as world renown international wine regions.

Start your vacation here with excellent Menegetti Classic sparkling wine! Everything is always better with traditionally made bubbles. Especially vacation!


5. Hotel and Winery Boškinac, Island Pag

A dedicated destination for culinary extravaganza followed by amazing wines. True promotors of the island’s gold – the Pag cheese – here you will be able to try 20 different Pag cheese from different producers and parts of the island and of different age. Once you taste Pag cheese, you might never want to leave the island.

Here at the Hotel Boškinac, they have their own garden, from which the vegetables and herbs are picked and served on your plates. Prepare yourself for a dining experience in one of the most dramatic and energetic islands on the Adriatic.

One of the mind-blowing combinations is island’s lamb with the Boškinac Ocu, indigenous Gegić variety grown on the island in powerful and complex orange style compliments tender lamb meat.

Hotel Boškinac Photo: FB

6. Korta Katarina, Pelješac

This winery is known for being one of the few that blends premium positions of Plavac Mali, from the Dingač and Postup appellations in their Plavac Mali wine. The main reason is to achieve elegance and the style of wine, they consecutively manage to do year after year. Korta Katarina Plavacmali delivers all the richness and power from the premium grapes without the weight on the palate. With more traditional expression, Reuben’s Reserve Plavacmali is an essence of the place, steep and sunny vineyards on poor, rocky ground. Not made every vintage, this is made to last and not to reveal its true age. They just released the 2009 vintage.

Two wines you’ll definitely want to try and compare – same vineyards, two very different styles, yet so much Plavacmali character. Finally after years of renovating and designing the Villa Katarina 10 „Old World Styles“ suites will be open for accommodation this summer. The monumental estate overlooks the sea and we cannot imagine a better place to explore Pelješac.

Korta Katarina

7. Prović Winery & Hotel Merlot, Neretva

Hotel Merlot and winery Prović are situated in the middle of Neretva valley, known as the green pearl of the Adriatic. One of the last remaining swamp areas in Europe delights visitors with green fields stretching on the horizon.

The Prović winery is known for wonderful examples of Chardonnay Prović CH and a Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, called MC.

Don’t miss the famous, traditional “Neretvanskibrudet“ stew made with eels and frogs.


Yes, Croatia really is a paradise for wine-lovers, in every time of the year. Enjoy your vacation and don’t forget when you came back home full of impressions and memories of fine wines you discovered, we will be here for you to bring selected Croatian wines back to your home!

We have also made a list of things, not to miss when on Pelješac peninsula and if Korčula is your summer destination.


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