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8 Best Kept Wine Secrets

Whether they are relatively unknown, grow on a limited area or come in small production batch, there are hidden gems on our website that can easily be missed. Since we’re your go-to guys for buying Croatian wine online, we’ll introduce you to our hidden gems.

This is a specially selected collection of the best Croatian wines off-the-beaten-path.

Puhelek Kraljica

We already talked about this queen of sparkling (literally, kraljica is Croatian for queen), but there's a real chance you missed it. Made of indigenous Croatian grape Kraljevina (literal translation = kingdom, laugh all you want), this bubbly offers attractive notes of green apple, vanilla, honey and clove.

What’s really special about this wine is that this grape variety grows only on a micro-location of town Sv. Ivan Zelina, in a vicinity of Zagreb.

Šember Qvevri 2011

Šember Qvevri 2011 is Riesling macerated in amphora buried in Šember’s back yard. Enough said for those in the know.

Jerković Kujundžuša 2015

Kujundžuša is an indigenous Croatian white grape (and wine) that grows on small localities around the town of Imotski in Dalmatinska Zagora. This grape gives wines of mild flavor but distinct minerality. Some argue this Croatian white wine represents a hidden gem even for local wine lovers.

Limited quantities and specific terroir are the reasons why you should definitely order this wine asap.

Ivančić Griffin Chardonnay sur lie 2013

Ivančić winery is Plešivica’s best kept secret. This young winemaker is revolutionizing sparkling wine production with both incapsulated yeasts and cold maceration which is why his wines have a distinctive floral and fruity bouquet.

Griffin Chardonnay sur lie 2013 is aged in American oak for 14 months on the lees (sur lie). Moreover, sur lie method allows low (or none) sulfur percentage which very hip at the moment. Doesn’t hurt to add this wine won 4 gold medals.

Josić Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior 2012

Josić is one of the fastest growing wineries in Slavonia and is very popular among young Croatian winelovers. This cuvee is special because of its unusual variety combo for its climate – Cab Sauvignon, Shiraz and Cab Franc. Ciconia Nigra Cuvée Superior 2012 has everything one looks for in a red wine – tobacco, leather, chocolate, black fruit and spices.

G&J Tvoja Krv i Moja 2012

Literal translation – your blood and mine. Is this special enough for you? We thought so. A love story poured into a bottle of wine. Doesn’t get more personal than this.

Kalazić Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 Late Harvest

Kalazić winery is located in Baranja, on the border with Hungary, where the river Danube kisses the sky. To prove that this has always been a winegrowing location, let’s just say that Baranja means „wine mother” in Hungarian. It’s not often you come across a late harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon in semi-dry to semi-sweet version.

This wine is vinifed only in exceptional years, using the pasito method (drying the grapes to keep only 1/3 of its juice). Special wine for special occasions. 

Vinarija Križ, Križ

An old Croatian saying says that Plavac mali gives best results in difficult times. This wine is a proof of that. Ecological vineyard, indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentation, natural vinification, no additives – these are the main features of this young winery from the wine famous Pelješac peninsula.

Steep south-oriented slopes with high insolation are a characteristic terroir for Plavac mali. This one managed to obtain exceptional drinkability regardless of high alcohols.  

Get them before they’re gone! 


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