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8 reasons how we’ll ruin it for all other online wine shops!

There is lots of prejudice when it comes to online wine shopping. The good news is we managed to get around all of them. The bad news is that we will ruin it for all other online wine shops.

Why shop Croatian wine online and how to get around our web site – this is 101:

  1.        Big chances are you’ll fall in love with Croatian wines

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Jokes aside, we wanted to create a virtual wine-shop where you will be able to find and buy a big selection of Croatian wines online. We aspire to be your go-to Croatian wine online shop.

  1.        We will spoil you

In case you were wondering – yes, we handpick and taste all of our wines ourselves. It is a hard job, but someone has to do it. This means that descriptions you can find next to each wine are our own, as well as the photos of the bottles. We take pride in providing you with a personalized service.

  1.        Price will never again become an issue

We’re quite sure you know the story – the further away you are from the cellar, the more expensive the wine is. Well, not in our case. We’re picking up wines in cellars for you and offering them to you at the best price possible. You can thank us by placing your next order :)

  1.        Whatever you order - we deliver

It is brought to our knowledge this one of the biggest issues when ordering wine online. Apparently, most wine web-shops don’t have their own physical stock. This is not the case with Croatian wines offered in our wine online shop are already at our warehouse which makes everything so much easier. Once you choose your Croatian wines online - we deliver.

  1.        We move fast and easy

We are located in Croatia, but our distribution partners are well spread around the EU. This means you can have your wines, for example, in London in 4-5 days.

  1.        Your money is safe with us

By now we believe to have proven that we are a reliable wine supplier. You can choose from an array of payment options, and whatever you choose – rest assured – your money is safe with us.

  1.        You won’t get lost

We hate cluttered web sites as much as you do. This is why we keep ours clean and organized.

  1.        We keep you updated

We’re updating on a daily basis. You’ll be in the know on what’s going on the Croatian wine scene, so once you decide to come to Croatia – you’ll know your way around.



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