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New and original! Degarra winery turns the former military barracks into a house of wine and delicacies

Degarra Winery is a small "boutique" winery from the Zadar region that produces limited series of top quality wines. Their motto "New and Original" besides pointing out the desire to enter the market with the new product every year, is also reflected in their desire to stand out from the others. So they decided to turn the former barracks of the former JNA into a house of wine and delicacies.

In the fertile fields of Ravni Kotar, in the little land that is hidden between the stone of Bukovica and the island, vineyards have grown ever since. Two families Pestić and Šulentić recognized the potential of the Zadar region, and five years ago decided to join forces to realize their dream. Today, this dream is reflected in the Degarra winery.

Degarra is a name derived from the French phrase "Vin de Garage", which became a synonym for the small passionate producers of the finest French and world wines in the 80's of the last century, and that is exactly what describes the vision of Pestić and Šulentić families.

Degarra wine - Photo:
Degarra wine - Photo:

This young winery, founded in 2012 has 1.8 hectares of vineyards in property and 3.6 hectares in concession. At the best wine-growing location in Ravni kotar, the varieties of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Plavin, Pošip and Maraština are cultivated, from which quality wines - Pošip, Bonterra, Rose, Bommary, Primo and Perla are produced.

Degarra Winery produces white, rose and red wines with a special emphasis on white wines. Their greatest pride is the unique, flavored wine which they named Bomary. The wine was created by blending (30% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah) with Maraška wine which resulted in a true delicacy for wine-lovers with subtle taste.

Degarra Pošip is elegant wine with a distinctive freshness of southern fruit and elderflower. Rose is produced from the Plavin and Merlot varieties in the ratio of 90:10. It is said that Rose is charming wine with seductive colors and crystal glare. Taste is dominated by berry fruit, raspberry, blueberry and cranberry. The palate is refreshing with a long aftertaste.

Degarra wines - Photo:
Degarra wines - Photo:

At the tasting of selected wines in leading restaurants, the quality dry wine Degarra Bonterra is regularly among the best rated. It is a non-filtered coupage (60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Syrah). This delicate wine was ranked in the first place in two of four categories at the recent pairing of wines with cheeses from Pag.

The Degarra winery also takes credit for the first Zadar champagne, even two of them. Primio is prepared with the traditional method of boiling in the bottle from the Pošip variety, while the Perla - Rosse sparkling wine from the Plavin variety was also prepared by a traditional method.

Sparkling wine will be used for toast in the new edition of Degarra winery. The future winery with a barique hall and tasting room will be located in the former JNA barracks above the Zadar settlement of Bokanjac, next to the road to Ražanc and Pag. The Degarra Winery, surrounded by centuries-old pine trees of over 10,000 square meters of square footage, will be spread over 350 square meters and will be able to host more than 100 visitors. Besides Degarra wines and sparkling wine, there will be place for delicacies such as olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, fish and other quality products of family farms from the wider Zadar area.

Degarra sparkling wines which first came out on the market this summer can be found at better restaurants along the sea, Yachting clubs for sailors, but also in larger cities on the continent, while wines can be found in our online shop.


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