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Two Croatian natural wine producers you should taste next

Label Grand Karakterre is the region first organic, biodynamic and natural wine fair that took place in Vienna on 2nd December. The 6th edition of the festival gathered more than 70 natural wine producers from all over Europe.

The criteria for participating on the Label Grand Karakterre wine fair are organic or biodynamic winegrowing and cellarwork, usage of native yeasts only, no artificial temperature control, total sulfites level mustn't be higher than 50 mg/l. All the wineries must have a sustainable approach to the environment and at the wine fair, you can speak with the winemakers or winery owners themselves. Beside organic and biodynamic farming, the festival is oriented in promoting the local varieties.

The atmosphere in the Mumok in Vienna was amazing. Most of the energy you could feel was spreading from energetic and ambitious winemakers and small winery owners with the "changing the rules of the game" attitude. They all share the same passion, wine should not be manipulated but instead, left to talk for themselves. We tasted amazing wines and Champagnes at the fair. Here are two Croatian natural wine producers we hope you'll try next. The vintages never seemed better!

Label Grand Karakterre Vienna
Label Grand Karakterre Vienna

Croatian natural wine producers

Dimitrij Brečević from the Piquentum winery presented the new labels of his wine at the Label Grand Karakterre this year.

The circles on the new label demonstrate the amount of rain fallen in each month of the vintage. Beautiful design that is also learning us about the difference in each vintage. It will be great to collect several bottles of every vintage and exhibit them one to another to see the variations nature gives us every year.

Piquentum wines were never better. The distinctiveness is achieved by fermentation at a slightly higher temperature than in most wineries in Istria. Therefore, Piquentum Malvazija is more earthy and subtle in expression.  

New labels for Piquentum wines were presented in Mumok
New labels for Piquentum wines were presented in Mumok

We already mentioned excellent Kosovec winery that is always surprising us with something different on the market. 

This unusual blend, was a result of the vintage in the vineyard. 25% of Chardonnay was added to remaining Škrlet, because of that was what nature gave to the winemaker Ivan Kosovec in 2016. Well structured and rounded, but still on the refreshing side with zesty acidity, this blend tastes phenomenal. 

Only 1.000 bottles were produced so hurry up and get your bottle on time!


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