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[NEW] - Wine Gift Vouchers at Wine&More!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but we know you have a few picky friends that make shopping for their bday (Xmas, NY or any other occasion for that matter) gift a true nightmare :)

Luckily, we have your back! Treat them with awesome wines! And the best thing about it – they get to choose it themselves. You simply hand or send them The Wine Gift Voucher

50,00 375,0 HRK

They pick their wines and we deliver, as we always do, no matter where they’re located in EU.

And you can do it online, with just a few clicks. We’ll send you (or to them directly) the gift voucher via e-mail or regular mail (whatever you prefer).

There’s no doubt this will please even the most demanding wine lovers, and then some.

You can thank us later ;)


When buying a Gift voucher, it acts as any other product. Just put it in the cart as a product. If you are purchasing the gift voucher as an only item in the order, shipping/handling fee for the voucher is 3,98€ flat for any quantity and any address within EU. 

100,00 750,0 HRK

If you are purchasing the gift voucher with some other products (wine or olive oil), shipping/handling fee for the voucher will not be applied (shipping rates for the wines will take over). In the order comments just state whether you would like the voucher card  to be mailed or e-mailed to you, or to other person (address or e-mail). If you do not note anything, the default is to be mailed to your shipping address.

When a person receives a voucher card, there is a code on the back side and the expiration date as well. When applying the voucher, just make a regular wine order and apply the code at the end of the checkout process

The voucher value will cover the shipping cost as well. If the total order value (shipping of the wine included) is higher than the voucher value, the user of the voucher will just pay the difference

If the total order value (shipping of the wine included) is somewhat less than the voucher value, we are unable to offer a refund. So make sure you pick just the right amount of wines :)



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