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The New York Times listed Bibich R6 as one of the “20 Wines under 20 Dollars”

A huge international recognition in wines came from the one the most known US wine critic and writer Eric Asimov, who included the Bibich R6 red blend in his choice of 20 wines that will make every night a weeknight. All that under 20 US Dollars.

Bibich R6 is a blend of 3 indigenous grape varieties of Northern Dalmatia, grown in Skradin vineyards. Babić, Plavina, and Lasina make the R6, which is aged in American barrique oak barrels for a year.

Bibich R6 Riserva 2018
$18.94139,39 HRK

The wine is meant to be easy to drink, which makes it perfect for, as Eric Asimov suggested turning every night into the weeknight.

Nevertheless, with the firm acidity and structure, the R6 has the potential to develop further in the bottle. The color of Bibich R6 2016 is ruby, reflecting youthness with some garnet reflections. The nose is full of cherries, Mediterranean herbs, rosemary and sag and delicate, chocolate aromas that round the feeling up.

On the palate, you’ll feel harmony. This is an amazingly balanced wine even at this young stage of its life. In the end, the expression is lively and intriguing.

We still have some bottles to share with you, so hurry up to catch your Bibich R6 in our webshop!


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