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Bistro Apetit proudly presents a new chef Tom Gretić!

One of the best Croatian restaurants is Bistro Apetit, which offers a concept entirely based on the culture of food and whose charisma was recognized 2 years ago by the new owners.

Today Bistro Apetit goes further and sets new standards.

The ambition of Bistro Apetit is to lead the trend of integrated gastronomic experience, where culinary virtuosity and enological superiority is connected in an exclusive and unique ambiance; and where each individual gastronomic adventure is turned into an unforgettable memory.

Now, with the unique Tom Gretić, Bistro Apetit enters the final phase of a long process to create a new concept that will be launched this summer.

Tom Gretić startedhis rich career as the best Croatian chef in the early 90’s in the, then, newly-opened hotel Sheraton. In ’96, he moved into the world and started working in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, climbing up on the culinary hierarchy. After working as a chef in Dubai, Gretić’s momentum continues as the Speciality Chef at the Dolder Grandu, a legendary Zurich hotel where he cooked for the most demanding guests and international stars.

He stayed the longest in Wine Vault, the prestigious restaurant of the hotel Monte Mulini, where he worked for seven years.

Recognized internationally, he received an invitation to be a guest chef at the restaurant Ikarus at Hangar 7, which specializes in a one-month hosting of world famous chefs.

Bistro Apetit is proud to enter the company of the best and most challenging restaurants from Tom’s CV, as well as to open another new chapter in the mutual success with great Tom Gretić.


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