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Brexit & Croatian Wines!

With Brexit becoming our reality, there’s been a lot of talk on how will it impact the wine industry. UK is definitely one of the biggest markets for EU wines.

It is hard to penetrate the market, but, once you’re there, benefits can be game-changing. At least that was the case before Brexit.

Vicelić Dingač 2018
$32.41235,68 HRK

To start off, the UK wine industry workforce will face big challenges. With many sommeliers, traders and other wine-related personnel being from the EU, it remains unclear how the situation with immigration policies will develop.

Secondly, it will surely impact the price of wine because there will be no free-trade agreement. Sure, UK will now be in the position to individually negotiate trade conditions with third-party countries (USA, Australia, New Zealand, African countries), but it still remains to be seen what those conditions will be.

Regarding the EU, the only sure thing is that those conditions will not be as favorable as they were before Brexit. Yet, it will take eight to ten years to finalize these negotiations. How this will impact the EU producers depends on how big of a market share they hold in the UK.

However, Brexit created an opportunity of a lifetime for UK wine producers.

For once, they will be given a chance to make a significant breakthrough in their domestic wine market as it is expected that a certain portion of wines will become too expensive for their buyers. Therefore, there will be a fair chance they might turn to UK wines instead.

When it comes to Croatian wine on the UK market, only big producers of mainstream and fairly cheap wines managed to find their place in UK retail. Boutique wineries are selling their wines mainly to private clients and, every now and then, to top restaurants when they place them on their respective wine lists.

On one hand, expectations are that those cheap mainstream wines will struggle on the newly established market since their price will inevitably arise.

On the other hand, boutique wineries producing characteristic wines will continue to supply their niche market through webshops and online retail.

With all this being said, only one thing is certain; nothing will be the same. And you should order your supply of Croatian wine ASAP 🙂


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