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Hidden Wine Gems: 4 Incredible wines under 13 EUR!

These 4 Croatian wines are excellent value for money. For just under 13 EUR, you’ll find authentic, terroir-driven and biodynamic wines for the incredible price. Get them before they are gone!

Kosovec Škrlet Selection 2011.

One of the best Škrlet’s on the Croatian market. Kosovec is a biodynamic producer that successfully adds layers of complexity to usually considered to be light and easy to drink summer wine. We recently opened a bottle Škrlet selection from 2011., available only in our webshop, and were amazed by the complexity and vitality found in the glass.

In his recent vintage, young winemaker blended Chardonnay and Škrlet, which is in its youth very reminiscent of this phenomenal 2011 vintage. Refreshing, with the right amount of complexity, mineral touch, soil signature, this recent vintage of Kosovec Chkrlet is hugely successful but very limited in quantity.

Piquentum Malvazija 2016.

Another natural wine producer, Dimitri Brečević, ferments his Malvasia on a slightly higher temperature giving the wine earthier, subtle tones. This Malvasia remains fresh, but in more round and complex way, and offers the wine lovers entirely different approach to enjoying this variety.

More extended maceration extracts more compounds from the grape skin and the wine in the glass is richer. Further aging in the oak casks helps it become softer and elegant, very appealing with the hint of quinces, flowers, and sage.

This type of Malvasia definitely needs time in the bottle, that’s why you still won’t find the 2017 vintage on the market.

Prović MC2013

After they surprised us with unique Chardonnay, Prović winery from Neretva continues to produce terroir-driven wines, mainly made out of international varieties. They are visionaries in their field. Before them, nobody thought Chardonnay coming from the Neretva delta could be as good as they make it. Nowadays Chardonnay is recommended variety for planting in this wine region.

Prović MC is a Bordeaux blend, without Cabernet Franc, rich in this younger phase of life bursting in fresh fruit aromas: from blackberries to black currants. Perfectly juicy and very elegantly matured in the oak, giving it just a pinch of spiciness and more in the wine’s texture, rounded and softer. On the palate, this MC plays with energy and youthfulness making it easy to enjoy.

Enjingi Venje 2008.

White blend that made the Decanter say “Thank God for Croatian whites!”. Venje is the aromatic combination of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Bianco, Graševina, Gewurtztraminer and Rhine Riesling. You can detect late harvest immediately on the nose, with riper and richer fruits coming out – pear pie, apple crumbles, quince marmalade. What you have in your glass is big, powerful and very special white wine.

Even today, in its first decade of life, Venje 2008 doesn’t seems like it will reach its peak anytime soon.


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