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Cyber Monday Wine Sale: Shop now!

Are you ready for the real Cyber Monday treats (and savings)? After the biggest shopping holiday in the world, our wine sale doesn’t stop! Buy a case of 6 top Croatian and Serbian whites on Cyber Monday wine deal and start the week excited! Ready to shop?

In our Cyber Monday Wine case Offer, we encourage you to try some of the most amazing whites (for wine-lovers in UK/EU that is. for US find the offer below), at a discounted price! Tamjanika from Serbia, sparkling Griffin from Plešivica, and Grk – hardly available outside of the island Korčula. Plus we cannot forget Graševina, right? Our selected white wines are here to match your explicit demand!

Mondays just got better! Shop now, the offer is limited!

And for our USA friends, we have a special case offer too with somewhat different picks that we believe would be a good fit😉 

But wait, that’s not all!

We extended our Black Friday EU/UK offer, so you can still get a case of 6 top-notch reds at a special deal!

We couldn’t think of a better start of the week!

And for our USA friends, this special offer for Black Friday is extended 🙂 

If even that is not enough, check out our Discount & Deals section for some more amazing offers.

Enjoy 🙂

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