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Pušipel is first in Croatia to receive a uniquely designed bottle of wine

A unique variety of semi-dry white wine from Međimurje called Pušipel delights a growing number of local and national wine lovers, and will now be on the market in a new, uniquely designed bottle.

The first records of Pušipel originate from the first half of the 19th century when it was mentioned in the vineyards in the village Dragoslavec Breg. However, after that, the name Pušipel disappeared because it was produced under the name Šipon or Moslavac. This grape variety is also known as the Furmint in Hungary and Mosler in Austria and Germany.

Considering that there are about a thousand hectares of vineyards in Međimurje today, half of which is on Pušipel, Međimurje winemakers have decided to revitalize this old name. It all started with eight enthusiastic wine families that founded the association of winemakers and winegrowers ‘HortusCroatiae’. Today, the association counts about 20 winemakers from Međimurje and the goal is to make Pušipel the prestigious autochthonous brand of the Međimurje region.

David Štampar, haead of ‘Hortus Croatiae’ – Photo:

Therefore, the society of Međimurje wine-makers ‘HortusCroatiae’ started cooperation with the agency Reci Da to devise a unique design and therefore ensure the further branding of Pušipel wine. This cooperation has designed a unique elegant bottle of 0,75l from which Pušipel would find its place in the market. All the winemakers from Međimurje will fill their Pušipel into recognizable bottles. Creating a specially designed bottle for a single grape variety makes them pioneers in Croatia.

The unique designe of Pušipel bottle – Photo:


The company based in Switzerland under the name Vetropack Group will turn the unique bottle design in reality. Vetropackstražad.d. is one of the five largest glass packaging manufacturers in Europe. Last year, Međimurje winemakers filled 17,500 bottles of Pušipel, and it is expected that this number will grow to double in the bottle of new design!


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