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Babić Wine – A Little black giant from Primošten

According to wine lovers and connoisseurs, an indigenous Croatian grape variety Babić, that can be found only in the Šibenik-Knin county has the biggest potential. Why? Because, on poor, karst limestone soils, it is able to produce extremely rich fruit that makes one of the most balanced and unique Dalmatian red wines.

The growing conditions for Babić grapevines can be truly extreme. One of the most beautiful vineyard sites for Babić – Bucavac near Primošten – is known for a real struggle for survival. There, young grapevines need 10+ years to reach their full potential, unlike on some other, more moderate positions, where it is known that young vineyards reach their best at 6-7-years-old. If you visit Primošten, you will see stone-laced vineyards that are a true work of art, made and farmed only by human hand. No machinery can reach “vlačica” and “tirade”, unique stone-shapes of this vineyard.

Bucavac Vineyards

Vines on Bucavac are only about 50 centimetres high. Winemakers tell us that, to grow vines here, one needs to kneel down before them at least 4-5 times a year like they’re “the holly grapevines”. The yields are as low as you could think, with some of the vines giving not more than 2-3 bunches of grapes. Because of this, Babić wines have an extreme concentration of fruit aromas and flavors with real terroir signature – withdrawn deep from the karst soil in the vineyards. Despite ultra-high summer temperatures, drought conditions during the ripening season and insulation from the sea, rocks and the sky, somehow, Babić manages to preserve acidity better than some other Dalmatian red grape varieties

New vineyard positions next to the town of Šibenik

Šibenik, as the center of the wine culture in the region, gathers visitors from around the world. It is well known that one of the Michelin starred restaurants in Croatia, Pelegrini, is located at the most beautiful stone square of the town, overlooking the St. Jacob’s cathedral. Visitors can enjoy wine bars hidden in the narrow streets, but little do they know that just a 15-minute drive can take them to the stunning vineyards of Babić.

Jadrtovac Vineyards – Testament Winery

Jadrtovac is spectacular, eye-catching 300 hectares of land where Babić and olive groves spread over the rolling hills. It has the potential of becoming the best visitors’ site for enjoying wine because now, the Testament winery has also opened up a tasting room which overlooks the vineyards for everyone that enjoys a glass of wine.

The Testament grows their Babić (and other grape varieties) completely organically – no pesticides or other chemicals are used in the vineyards. You can see that among the vines, grass grows freely. The soil there is also karst and limestone, where Babić has to struggle to grow its roots deep in the soil, looking for nutrients and water. However, at the end of the day, this struggle gives the best wines.

What does Babić taste like?

Babić is a red grape variety and typical aromas include darker fruits, juicy cherry, herbs that can be found over the Mediterranean, spices that come from the oak aging and magnificent body. Preserved acidity makes it easy to enjoy a glass of Babić, even on the hottest days during the summer. Babić tannins seem velvety, rounded and integrated with the wine. This beautiful harmony and balance it is able to achieve are exactly what makes it the favored red variety of Dalmatia.

Try Babić wines

Testament Babić – Balance of fruit concentration, where fruit is a combination of the red and more darker flavors. In this Babić, you’ll find elegant cranberry at the nose and on the palate. Aged in oak, the overall expression is rounded with black and white pepper notes and earthiness.

A wine that carries 14% of alcohol without a problem. Freshness is here even more pronounced if you serve it lightly chilled. A perfect food-friendly wine that won’t leave you tired after having two or three glasses of it.

Testament Pošip, Babić and Opolo

Markus Franz Ferdinand Babić – Grapes that are sourced from more than hundred-year-old vineyards. The old vines struck roots in the karst and cracks in the rocks hundreds of meters deep and they absorb nutrients from these depths. Huddled in a bush during the hot summers, with its large and thick leaves which carefully hide three to four grape bunches from the intense sun, the maximum yield it can give under these conditions. The quality and concentration of these grapes are remarkable. With a bottle of Franz Ferdinand, you will get the deepest mineral extraction in the wine and strong terroir signature with, yet, amazing harmony. Matured in oak, the wine has a gentle touch of smokiness, black pepper, and vanilla spices. Powerful aromas of dark cherries, blackberries, and black currants are exploding on the nose.

Enjoy the authentic taste of Dalmatia. One that doesn’t overwhelm but delivers harmony and balance.



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