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Dubrovnik Festiwine, Explore the wines of Dubrovnik – Neretva region

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic and UNESCO World Heritage site, will host the 4th edition of wine festival – Dubrovnik Festiwine. Scheduled to take place from 17th to 23rd April 2017, this wine festival is the best opportunity to explore the wines of this historic wine region while enjoying numerous tourist attractions.

Wine Exhibition will take place in Lazareti, Duborvnik – Photo: Festiwine FB

The wine exhibition will take place in the newly renovated historical place Lazareti, and will be followed with numerous events taking place during the Dubrovnik Festiwine.

The festival opens the doors to the visitors with the Gala dinner on 20th April. Wine exhibitions, workshops, and wine tastings start the next day, from 21st April – 22nd April.

Dubrovnik-Neretva County is home to the first Croatian wines with protected geographical originare from this area, Dingač and Postup. While most of the vineyards of this area are located on Pelješac peninsula, this region bursts in diversity.

Indigenous varieties planted here include Plavac Mali and Tribidrag (Crljenak) from red grape varieties to Pošip, Malvasia duborvačka (different from Malvasia Istriana), Maraština and Grk from whites.

Dubrovnik Festiwine – Photo: Festiwine FB

Daily tickets are 100 HRK with 50 HRK refundable wine glass deposit.

Dubrovnik Festiwine 2017

17th – 23rd April 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia


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