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The Wine&More Easter Wine Selection

Traditionally, Easter is among most popular catholic celebrations in Croatia. Different types of food are being prepared, from fish eaten on Friday to ham and eggs on Easter morning followed by poultry or lamb for lunch. At the beginning of the especially long weekend full of homemade food, we are asking what types of wine could pair well with our festive tables. We are bringing you the Wine&More Easter Selection!

Good Friday is a day of penance through fasting. This means you won’t find any meat on traditional Croatian tables, and the meals will be as light as they can be. Good Friday is a day for fish and this will be the centrepiece of lunch.

This is the time to bring white and refreshing whites on the table, as the choice of seafood tends to be light in flavours so it won’t overwhelm the wine.

Pošip wines from Dalmatia have the power and character to play with even the more serious fish dishes.

The best show salty and mineral flavours that add to fish served on your plate. Choose 2015 to get more rounded and settled white wines.

Easter Ham iis a part of simple traditional Easter cuisine

Easter Ham iis a part of simple traditional Easter cuisine

The Easter morning has come, the families are together at the table eating breakfast; the most beautiful breakfast in the whole year!

We know that pairing wine with the meal called “breakfast” can sound odd, but let’s be honest – we start the meal around 11 or 12 a.m. so we usually won’t skip a glass of wine.

In Croatia, you’ll find epic proportions of food, from the early morning. Ham is usually cooked or sometimes baked wrapped inside the bread dough. Side dishes include a lot of fresh vegetables, scallion, radish, tomatoes. Of course, the ham cannot go without eggs and horseradish. “Pinca” is sweet bread prepared for Easter morning.

All these flavours add up to combination very hard to pair with wine. We have salty ham, spicy horseradish and sweet pinca bread. Although every one of these components alone requires a different style of wine, if you go with lighter red, not to bold but with enough character you could be on the right track.

$18.71127,72 HRK

Our suggestion leans towards Plavina – red grape variety of Dalmatia, lighter in body and alcohol. We enjoy this type of wine and are careful not to start with too heavy wines. The Sladić family comes from Plastovo, one of most specific micro-climates that you’ll find in Dalmatia. The nights are cooler here and there is a significant continental influence so you’ll have Plavina wine that preserves freshness.

If you’re staying with the white wine, there is another producer from the same area in Skradin that may suite your pairing. The Bibich winery is also located in Skradin, reflecting much of that specific climate conditions that rule here. In a bottle of Bibich R5 blend, indigenous white varieties Maraština, Debit and Pošip dominate it.

Very intriguing wine, aged in new and used oak where you’ll find butter and almonds flavours. Since we have bold food with much flavours on the table, here’s a wine that can keep up with it.

The Bibich R5 will pair well with lunch too, especially if you have darker meat, duck or roasted poultry.

Roasted Lamb for Easter Lunch

We haven’t recovered from the overwhelming breakfast yet and there is new food being served at the table. It happens every year in most of Croatian families, on celebrations like Easter, we eat much more than we usually do. Everything evolves around food, family and wine at the end.

There aren’t many occasions to spend days like these with families and friends, so we embrace it with joy.

Probably, lunch will be some kind of roasted meat or poultry. There’s a nice occasion to serve those bold red wines we were saving for the afternoon hours.

Cabernet Sauvignon blends will work well with roasted meat, that are salty (saltiness in food goes great with most of the bold, dry wines making them feel more tender and gentle) and especially if you have some kind of flavourful and spicy sauce for the meat.

Try the combination of Cabernet Sauvingon, Merlot and Syrah blended in Jakob Cuvee from 2012. This is a powerful red in which you’ll find much of the darker fruits, vanilla from the wood and extra spiciness that the proportion of Syrah bring to the blend. Black pepper and other herbs.

$14.3998,23 HRK

When we’re talking poultry like duck or turkey with side dishes, since the meat is more tender and has more gentle flavours you can try lighter red wine. Crunchy acidity that is found in some lighter reds, lights up creamy and fatty parts like duck breast or turkey legs that are darker.

We are especially fond of one small producer from Imotski who makes red from relatively unknown red variety, Rudežuša. It is almost impossible to explain how to read this name if you aren’t from Croatia – but if you get it for you Easter pairing, it will speak for itself.

Jerković Mračaj from 2012. was a part of our list, of must try red form Croatia Light, mineral with a lot of cherries on the nose. It is especially easy to drink so you’ll have to get extra bottles of this one. This price is a value for money, coming at only 8,49 EUR. It’s straightforward wine, well crafted and will be great companion to the food.

Any place left for the dessert?

Congratulations then! You are almost like a genuine Croat – large appetite for good food paired with amazing wines. When pairing sweet food with wine, be careful to adjust accordingly the levels of sweetness in food with the levels of sweetness in wines. The sweeter the food, the sweeter the wine should be!

The Muscats from Momnjan have the reputation on its own. This one from the Kozlović winery has a nose full of that enjoyable Muscat aromas of grapes, lemons, ripe pears, apples and flowers. The scent you’ll fall in love.

It’s not sweet but rather medium sweet wine so it will go with medium sweet desserts. Has especially creamy texture that will balance the cream and fillings in cakes.

Lovely wine that isn’t a sugar bomb and you will probably end up drinking even after dessert, alone.

Hope you will all be spending these holidays surrounded with your families and friends, great meals followed by laughs and maybe some new bottle of Croatian wine we suggested in our Wine&More Easter Selection.

Happy Easter to you all!

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