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Vinart Grand Tasting 2 : 0 Covid-19
Platinum Medals harvest for Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia on the Decanter Awards 2020
ŠkrletOvo party – Wine party that calls for summer
A Complete Newbie’s Guide to Wine Festivals
Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia
Wine enthusiasts are moving to Osijek: All is ready for the 5th WINEOS
Pinot Noir Love Affair – Modri Les Noirs Wine Festival
First Regional Pinot Noir Festival – Modri Les Noirs in Slovenia
The most popular Food & Wine Festival in Croatia will be held on 23rd and 24th November in Zagreb
Vinart Wine Awards 2018: And the winners are…
The Blatina and Žilavka festival – Blaž, Herzegovina
Rosé all day – Pink Day Wine Festival 2018
Experience the pearl of the Adriatic with wine – Dubrovnik FestiWine 2018
Vinart Grand Tasting – From the wines under the sea to the ones buried in amfora
The third Vinart Grand Tasting will soon be held in Lauba in Zagreb
En Primeur 2018, tasting of young Graševina, Pošip and other grape varieties
2nd Salon of Sparkling Wines Zagreb
Two Croatian natural wine producers you should taste next
Vinocom 2017 Report
Croatian Wine “Hall of Fame” – Vinart Annual Awards in Wine for the 2017.
10 Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia – 2017/2018
Don’t miss the biggest wine and food festival in Croatia, Vinocom in Zagreb
Skradin Fine Wine Festival 2017
Graševina without limits! First international wine conference about Graševina in Zagreb
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