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5 best Buy Reds Under 7 EUR (and 1 Sparkling Rose)

Everybody knows a glass or two of red wine can have multiple health benefits. And above that, psychological benefits at least 🙂 Since these days health is everybody`s primary concern, we have selected these 5 red wines… wait, only 5?

That won`t last until this pandemic gets under control. Well, the good news is, these are best-value-for-money wines and instead of a bottle, they are sought after by the cases.

1. Laguna Terra Rossa, 5,99 Eur

Iron-rich red soil (Terra Rossa) of Istria nurtures many of the fine vines. This blend is particularly successful vintage after vintage. Local varieties Teran and Borgonja give character to beautiful and fruity Merlot. Ruby-red full of dark berries and sweet tannins in harmony becomes a “must-have” panic-avoid accessory.

wine and cheese

2. Kiridžija Plavac Mali, 6,99 Eur

Plavac mali is famous and infamous to some, because of naturally high tannin content. Not that all the antioxidant, antiradical, antimicrobial and antimutagenic properties of tannin should be well received, this is a very pleasing example. Much easier to handle compared to many big and bold Plavac wines, but with all the unique berry-carobs-tobacco aromas of Plavac grape.

3. Dika Frankovka, 5,99 Eur

The third part of the puzzle lies in Slavonia. Continental parts of Croatia are home to Blaufrankisch variety. Medium-bodied, aromatic and well-rounded wine, a balance very rewarding in food pairing. Versatile, but perfect with red meat dishes. Fruity character dominates with some chocolate and herbal touch. Only touch we shouldn`t resist these days.

wine and company

4. Medea Merlot, 6,99 Eur

And back to Istrian red soil planted with the international favorite. This Merlot is a soft, dry, easy-drinking wine with the fruity flavor profile of dark berries along with notes of spices and herbs. The body is full, velvety and rounded with the abundance of soft tannins.

5. Medea Teran, 6,99 Eur

Of course, in our opinion, local character is usually more pronounced with local variety. Dark red in color with blood-like purple edges, typical color of Teran. This one is very fruity, cheerful and refreshing. A freshness genuine for Teran pairs perfectly with pasta and many meat dishes, including cured meat and definitely some hard cheese 😉


One additional recommendation is not only for days of celebration. To bring some spark and light in dark days of isolation almost nothing compares to affordable sparkling rose.

Of course, it must be of good quality regardless of the technique and price. Feravino vinery in Slavonia believes strongly in their Blaufrankisch grape and using the Charmat method they achieved this beauty – Feravino Francesca Brut 5,99 Eur.

Beyond all the strawberries, raspberries and blood orange refreshing qualities, there is a depth and perfect balance so one might easily mistake this for Methode Champenoise.

Let us toast to life!


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