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Guide to Korčula: The island of food and wine

The largest island of the Dubrovnik-Neretva Region, Korčula, is covered with vineyards, olive groves, and the tradition. The beautiful old town of Korčula reminds you of the Mediterranean as it once was. We have prepared a list of restaurants and wines you must try while you’re in Korčula.

The quickest way to reach the island is the short ferry drive from Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula. The famous neighbor Pelješac, the kingdom of the Plavac Mali is seen from the old town Korčula. If you’re coming from Split, the ferry drive will be a bit longer, lasting up to 3 hours.

One of the most famous travelers and explorers of the 13th century Marco Polo is believed to be born right in the old town of Korčula. His birth house is now turned into the Marco Polo Museum. You don’t want to miss the house since the tower allows a beautiful panoramic view of Korčula.

Panoramic view from the tower of Marco Polo Museum – Photo: Martina Miličević

The old town of Korčula is a medieval walled city mainly influenced by the Venetian Renaissance, there you’ll find numerous restaurants and wine bars down the stroll by the sea.

Besides tradition and history, the old town of Korčula offers great places to eat and drink. All that, with a sea view.

Lešić Dimitri Restaurant – Photo: Martina Miličević

Lešić Dimitri Palace is the gastronomic institution on the island Korčula. They offer the largest selection of Luka Krajančić wines and work with the young and talented chefs from Croatia in creating a real dining experience. Service is outstanding.

Filippi restaurant is a more relaxed and easy-going place to have lunch or dinner. Try the Žrnovski makaruni, a handmade pasta. Cebalo Grk refreshing white wine will be a perfect pair for the pasta dishes here.

Žrnovski Makaruni, Filippi Korčula – Photo: Martina Miličević

Looking for the spectacular views of Korčula vineyards?

The small family-owned PZ Nerica winery recently built a new tasting room with a large terrace overlooking the vineyards of Čara. That is where Pošip grows, one of the best white wines on the Croatian coast.

Tasting Room overlooking the Čara vineyards – Photo: Martina Miličević

The PZ Nerica winery offers two styles of Pošip wines: Nerica Pošip which is a young and fresh version and the Mindel Pošip, a more complex, sur-lie version aged in oak.

Riding through the Čara vineyards will lead you to the hidden pebble beach of Zavalatica. No restaurants or bars here, the only house in the bay is for rent in the summer months.

Zavalatica Bay – Photo: Martina Miličević
Zure Grk Bartul 2021
$37.89278,85 HRK

Korčula is all about wine – You should taste the Grk variety!

The island is covered in vineyards and is the homeland of Grk and Pošip varieties. Grk is unique in so many ways, grown only around Lumbarda. It needs other grape varieties to reproduce successfully while it has only female functional parts.

Korcula wineries are many but The Zure winery has the biggest plantings on Korčula island. The view from the Zure vineyards on the southern slopes of Korčula is stunning. Surrounded only by the sea underneath and olive groves planted above the vineyards, vines here grow in a place they were never planted before.

The Zure winery has a family-owned restaurant where, besides their wines, you can try the Dalmatian specialty, the octopus buzara.

Zure Vineyards – Photo: Martina Miličević
$40.80300,26 HRK

Another winery at the very entrance in Lumbarda offers a stunning tasting room placed in the middle of the winery. The Bire winery, a maze of renovated stone houses where each of them has a function in the winemaking process, is a place of special energy.

Frane Milina Bire, owner and winemaker, produces wines from two grape varieties: Plavac Mali and one of Croatia’s most treasured Grk wines.

Bire Plavac Mali, a wine that hardly leaves the island, because of very limited production, could be called a rarity. Different in style from more powerful red wines from Pelješac, this is elegant, medium-bodied red with velvet tannins and an abundance of red fruits mixed with dried herbs.

Bire Winery – Photo: Martina Miličević

Where to eat in Lumbarda?

Konoba Feral offers simple dishes, like fried octopus and cuttlefish risotto along with the house wine that is produced in the sandy vineyards of Lumbarda.

Fried octopus – Photo: Martina Miličević

More than 30 years of family tradition are found in the restaurant More. Mediterranean cuisine here is based on fresh fish and lobster. If you prefer meat, try the domestic lamb.

Driving up the hills in Korčula

Konoba Maha, a ranch-style restaurant, is the main reason why all of the celebrities that visit Korčula leave the coast for the inland. A spacious garden planted with herbs and figs is the setting for summer dining. Their specialty is the peka dish, slow-cooked lamb, goat, or fish under charcoal.

The welcome is accompanied by grappa and a funny story to go along. They often joke about putting the live octopus in peka, so she can stir the potatoes by herself. Don’t worry, they don’t. 🙂

Preparing the peka, Ranch Maha – Photo: Martina Miličević

The green and hilly center of Korčula island is one of the major routes for cycle tours– a very popular type of active vacation.

Family-owned and self-sustainable tavern Mate serves vegetables, fruits, and herbs from their own garden. Homemade goat cheese and smoked ham are a delicious way to start the meal. This tavern is especially praised for the desserts made by Biba who loves to play with the flavors, combining chocolate and herbs grown in their garden.

Biba and Ana from Konoba Mate – Photo: Martina Miličević

Food, wine, and hidden beaches. No wonder Korčula is one of the hottest summer destinations in Croatia. We’re sure you will enjoy your holidays on the island!


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