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Indigenous varieties

A native variety is indigenous to a given region where it’s produced. Here we explore the various varieties and their unique characteristics.

Domano winery – From Herzegovina with Love
Indigenous White Wines of Croatia, Selection & Tasting Notes
Croatian Wine – Everything You Need to Know
Ilok Winery – A historical Winery in Eastern Croatia
Indigenous Wine Workshop-Dalmatia’s Modern Tradition
You should give up Chardonnay and get addicted to Graševina wine!
Wagging Your Tail – Raise Your Glasses and Discover “Pasji Rep” Winery
Few things you didn’t know about Austrian Frankovka (Blaufränkisch)
Game changers: 3 white wines that act like reds
Historical Moment: First Decanter Gold for Plavac Mali!
The Grk Grape Variety – an incredible dame amongst grapes
ŠkrletOvo party – Wine party that calls for summer
Nothing basic about Plavac mali: 3 “entry level” labels that shouldn’t be missed
Discover Sansigot and keep a bottle in your cellar
This is truly an exceptional wine: Markus Franz Ferdinand Babić 2015
The New York Times listed Bibich R6 as one of the “20 Wines under 20 Dollars”
The Blatina and Žilavka festival – Blaž, Herzegovina
Babić Wine – A Little black giant from Primošten
[VIDEO] Kadarka, once forgotten, now the revived modern red wine
Stone Lace Vineyards in Croatia – Authentic Dalmatia
En Primeur 2018, tasting of young Graševina, Pošip and other grape varieties
Croatian Varieties vs International Wine Varieties
Ribolla Gialla – Slovenia’s white wine everyone is crazy about
Graševina without limits! First international wine conference about Graševina in Zagreb
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