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The most memorable wine experience in Split – Paradox Wine and Cheese

After the winter break, Paradox wine & cheese bar in Split just opened its doors to a new season. Serious international recognitions announced this could be a specular year in Split. After being recommended by the New York Times, this urban wine lovers place was awarded by the Hideaway Report as one of the Best places in the Wine and Cocktails category in the world, followed by recent Gault & Millau Croatia award for the Best POP place in 2019.

Hideaway Report 2019: Editor’s Choice Award for Paradox wine&cheese

The Hideaway Report is an independent American monthly magazine, one of the most recognized in the world of luxury travels and hotels. Every January, the editors recall the most memorable places they visited, and Split’s Wine & Cheese bar Paradox has been selected as one of the best in the Best Wine & Cocktails category.

The Hideaway editors were thrilled with the service in Paradox. The team spoke English fluently and, what’s most important, they tailored the Croatian wine experience amazingly. A surprisingly small number of waiters and sommeliers successfully met the simple and detailed requests of the editors. Two whites and two reds, one light-bodied and one full-bodied wine.

In Paradox, they met all of their requests starting: from Grabovac Kujundžuša from Imotski. To the fuller bodied, intense Stina Pošip Majstor from the island Brač. The red selection started with Tomić’s Plavac Mali from the island Hvar and the big and luscious Vuina’s Crljenak Štafileo from just outside of Split.

Plavac Mali and Pošip are obviously the most recognized and wanted Dalmatian grape varieties and, after reading the Hideaway Report, we are very happy to see how cleverly the Paradox team served smaller, maybe unknown variety as Kujundžuša just to entice and evoke wine lovers’ interest.

Gault&Millau Croatia: Best POP 2019

POP is a selection of trendy and accessible restaurants, bars and bistros created to enjoy. Gault&Millau awards selected places where experience and concept occupy a central place. Split’s Paradox was just named the best POP in Croatia, for the year 2019.

More than 100 wines on the list

Modern interior with wine-themed decorations and attractive terrace at the top of the building are located slightly above the most frequent meeting spot in Split – the Riva. The impressive wine list consists of more than 100 wines, both international and Croatian. Most of the wines can be enjoyed by the glass, so you are invited to explore!

You won’t stay hungry, food is locally grown and authentic. Cold cuts, but from selected producers bring you Croatian delicacies on the plate. Selection of cheeses with homemade jams, cured meat from Dalmatia (dalmatinska pancetta), Istria (ham) and Slavonia (baranjski kulen) and freshly baked brad loafs.

Paradox just opened its doors on 15th March. Make sure to check their page for festivals, jazz nights and performances that are being organized frequently to make your wine night in Split, even more memorable,


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