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6 Stunning Vineyard Locations in Croatia

Even though Croatia is a small country, its geographical and climatic diversity has also influenced the growth of more than 200 indigenous grape varieties. Wine producers grow vines throughout Croatia, and the results are incredible.

Vineyards on the slopes overlooking the sea or those whose rows spread across valleys and hills like they are making artwork. Traveling through the most significant wine regions, this is a list of six vineyards where every wine and travel lover will stop to enjoy.

Dingač Vineyards

Dingač is Croatia’s most famous vineyard, which is located at the very south of Dalmatia, on the Pelješac Peninsula. The name for this wine-growing area that stretches on 60 hectares of southern slopes of Pelješac has been protected ever since 1964.

The most important Croatian indigenous variety Plavac Mali has grown successfully for centuries on the steep slopes that descend from a height of several hundred meters to the clear blue sea. Wine with bitter, sour taste, dark red to purple-red colour with the blue reflexes, is named exclusively by the name of this vineyard, not variety.

Dingač Vineyard (Pelješac, Dalmatia) – Photo: Croatia feeds

Valle Vineyards

Some of the most aromatic Croatian wines are cultivated in the small Valla lowland, one of the most suitable vineyard areas of Santa Lucija, at the foot of the medieval town of Momjan.

On several hectares of vineyards, along with international varieties of sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon and merlot, native Istrian varieties of malvasia and teran are grown, and the most famous Momjan Muscat is now a protected wine. Momjan Mucsat is also known as the one from which you will want a drop more after you taste it.

Valle Vineyard (Momjan, Istria) – Photo: Croatia feeds

Plešivica Vineyards

Plešivica is the name given to a group of vineyards located an hour-long drive from Croatia’s capital Zagreb. Even though it has only 2,300 hectares of vineyards, Plešivica is one of the most interesting continental wine regions.

It is best known as a home of Croatian sparkling wine, and because of the soil similar to the one in Champagne and the taste, Plešivica is called ‘small Champagne’. On its slopes, varieties that have adapted to colder climatic areas such as Rizling, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay are grown.

Plešivica Vineyard (Zagreb Area) – Photo: Croatia feeds

Štrigova Vineyards

According to tradition, it was here on these picturesque hills that the ancient Romans planted their first vine. Among the golden green hills that are spread around the Međimurje wine road, there are wine tasting rooms in which you can try the stable, complete taste, seductive colour and fragrance of the wines that will charm you as much as the Štrigova region itself.

Multiple award-winning samples of the divine wines are the white varieties of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Graševina, Rhine Riesling, Pinot Gris and White Pinot, Gewurztraminer, Green Sylvaner, and Yellow Muscat. Fans of red wine have a slightly shorter list to choose from – Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon, while Rosés from all our manufacturers will surely be coming to your tables after only a small sip.

Štrigova Vineyards (Međimurje) – Photo: Croatia feeds

Banska Kosa Vineyards

Banska Kosa is a hill that extends in the direction from west to east, along with the entire Baranja region, in the northeastern corner of Croatia, near the Danube river. In this area in Baranja, grape vines were planted at the time of the ancient Romans who called “Kosa” the Golden Hill, not by the gold mine, but by the “golden drop” that had always flowed from its slopes. Therefore, it is no surprise that today Baranja Vineyards are one of the best in Croatia. The mild, long, and wide slopes of the Banska Kosa vineyards in Baranja offer ideal conditions for Graševina – Croatia’s favorite variety of wine.

Banska Kosa Vineyard (Baranja) – Photo: Croatia feeds

Venje Vineyards

West of Kutjevo, the Croatian golden valley, there is this unique vineyard which bears the same name as the village that has always been famous for its fine wines. It ascends deep and high into a forest at an altitude of 385 m above sea level and is situated on a volcanic rock, making the wine from this vineyard specific in terms of minerality and taste.

Banska Kosa Vineyard (Baranja)

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