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Make this Winelentine’s day special: Fall in love with Croatian wines!

Whether you are in a relationship or not, wine is the ultimate companion for this romantic holiday. This global celebration of love should be filled with delicious wines and the consumption of aromatic foods. Check out the wines we recommend for you for Valentine’s day!

If you end up in a restaurant for a romantic dinner, you’ll have wine. If you organize an even more romantic dinner at home, the wine will undoubtedly be on the table. Also, if none of the above happens, I guess you will be smart enough to choose the right wine for a gift to yourself, something that will stimulate “a romantic vibe.”

Since the female gender is in a significant advantage, thanks to the brilliant advice offered by Cosmopolitan and other useful publications, for the purpose of this article, let’s concentrate on the selection of wines to impress the ladies.

What would a thoughtful Croatian man choose?

If not completely sure of the specific affinity, he would definitely stick to a proven recipe– the Muscat (Muškat). Before snorting, know that Muscat does not necessarily have to be all sweet and sticky.

On the contrary, one of the most beautiful, perfumed and aromatic wines are born in Istria and achieve amazing balance. Wine of golden color like Benvenuti Mušakt San Salvatore, balanced acid, extracted, rich floral aroma and a spicy character, will appeal to both you, as long as you aren’t ashamed to admit it!

Grapes come from the 400 meters above the sea vineyards, and this is one of the top examples of sweet wines in Croatia, also a winner of International Wine Trophy. Try it with French cheese or cheesecake.

Vina Laguna also hails from the Istrian Peninsular, opposite Venice, at the northern end of the Adriatic Sea. The vineyards overlook the picturesque town of Motovun, where the climate is perfect for growing grapes for sweet wines. It is one of the best buys on the market, and sweet, ruby-colored Muscat Ruža was also awarded Silver Award at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2016.

Pronounced red fruit, strawberry aromas on the nose are charming and mouth-filling. Perfect with fruit cakes and strudels.

In Continental Croatia, the concentration of natural sugar is achieved by late harvesting and the ultimate dessert wines – “ice wines”. Gewürztraminer is the most common fragrant choice; a wine-growing area is mostly in Slavonia. Iločki Traminac selected berry harvest is also the only Croatian wine, served to the Royal Family.

The connection between Ilok Cellars and the British aristocracy started back in 1953 when Iločki Traminac was served to celebrate the crowning of the current British Queen Elisabeth II.

If you want to treat your loved one, like a royal – you can’t go wrong with Iločki Traminac!

Foto Credit: Wine Bar Basement, Tomiceva 5.

It is impossible to know how many love stories have been celebrated with a perfect bottle of wine, but what’s sure is that with this wine selection that we recommend– Valentine’s Day can be every day!

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