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Vinart Grand Tasting 2 : 0 Covid-19

Vinart Grand Tasting 2 : 0 Covid-19

As Croatian wine becomes more and more internationally recognised and appreciated, it’s wine scene also makes huge progress thanks to many wine happenings and events. These events were brutally interrupted by Covid-19 pandemic, but not the most important wine festival of them all.

With its program, contents and execution, Vinart Grand Tasting is devoted to quality experience to the last detail so the visitors can get the most out of the Croatian wine market. 

Victoriously, Vinart Grand Tasting was successfully held in both 2020 and 2021. With wine workshops announcing its early March term, in 2020 nothing interfered with regular holding of the tasting in Lauba – House for People and Art. What came after only a few weeks became known as a lockdown and we’re guessing no one needs that experience again.

Following on Covid-19 restrictions things weren’t looking very optimistic in 2021. Furthermore, the heavens themselves seemed disapproving and one of the coldest springs in decades haven’t helped the odds of holding a 2021 Vinart Grand Tasting.

Yet, things changed and restrictions were very much loosened, allowing the walk-around tasting and outlet of selected wineries to be held on 3rd and 4th June on open air. The north side of the Museum of Contemporary Arts was the perfect home for the 2021 Vinart Grand Tasting.

Looking into a European Football Championship 2021, we put it in football terms: Vinart Grand Tasting 2 : 0 Covid-19

About time, judging by the enthusiasm, energy and interest from exhibitors and visitors.Rak-line-up

Wines were also shining, since 2020 was actually a great vintage, with near perfect weather conditions and even ripening of the grapes. 

Of course there were many older vintages, just coming out of the cellar after ageing. 

Tomac family just released their Marany Pinot Noir from biodynamically grown grapes aged in Geogrian amphora. 

Crvik winery from Konavle in far south Dalmatia impressed with Malvasia Dubrovačka but very much with reds, especially Merlot 2018.

Rak family had a very good vintage and their Debit, Maraština and Babić showed balance and restraint of truly balanced wines with authentic expression of their origin. Two rose versions were also inspiring as traditional and modern take on rose wine.

Vislander brought four separately vinfied Plavac Mali wines from different vineyards in the island of Vis. A real treat for any wine geek.


Many vintners have reminded us or once again proved their skill, but there were also carefully selected new entries. Exciting and promising. 

Hopefully, there will be many other opportunities from now on for everybody to show their craft.

Instead of conclusion, we can only state the obvious… It was about time.

Nenad Trifunovic
Professional Wine drinker ;)

Moderator of a series of wine workshops and educator of wine course (Wine Reading), promoter of table culture and wine writer, most famous as an author of the most influential Croatian wine blog (

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