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Vineyards next to the most beautiful waterfalls in Croatia

These vineyards could become the top destination for wine lovers coming to Croatia. Right next to the stunning National Park Krka waterfalls lies a field planted with amazing indigenous varieties. Welcome to the Plastovo vineyards in Skradin!

What makes Plastovo vineyards so special and why you should discover this hidden wine lovers’ paradise? We bring you the sites and the flavours of the area, and if you’ll feel thirsty after watching, make sure to check our webshop for for a special offer on the most wanted summer wines featured in the video. Enjoy the trip that takes you to amazing Skradin area.

National park Krka is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Croatia. Mostly, people are overlooking that this protected natural paradise hides vineyards, right next to enchanting Krka river. These environmental conditions create a specific micro-climate in Plastovo vineyards.

One of the very few positions where the continental climate and mountainous meets river and sea. Home of Debit, super refreshing salty white variety that grows only here. In limited quantities, we bring you the wines of Plastovo from the boutique, the family-owned winery of Ante Sladić.

Adored Debit

Ante Sladić Debit 2021
$16.02117,90 HRK

Even Gary Vaynerchuk tasted Debit and was thrilled with the expression. Valued so much in the past that the locals used it for paying debts now refreshes wine lovers all over Croatia and even worldwide. Debit is a spectacular summer wine, salty and tangy, served perfectly chilled with seafood, creates an explosion of Mediterranean taste on your palate.

We visited Ante Sladić, who produces only indigenous grape varieties of Šibenik region. In limited quantities, these wines can be grown only in this specific micro-location, where Debit shows impressive results.

Wine labels of Ante Sladić Winery

Every label of this winery, tells a story about the wine inside the bottle. The label of Debit is related to the historical importance of this variety, showing the old coins and the value of Debit as a currency.

The labels themselves are larger than one would usually think of in a wine industry, but there is a wonderful story that throws you back in the past with amazing illustrations of Šibenik region and specific Plastovo location – that can be found one the Debit bottle.

Lasina and Plavina – Different red wines of Dalmatia

Ante Sladić Plavina 2019
$16.02117,90 HRK

Lasina and Plavina that are grown in the Šibenik region are the subtler sides of red Dalmatia. Bursting in flavours of red and dark fruit, these varieties often show more gentle side on the palate, achieving lower alcohol levels and smoother gentler tannin structure.

Ideal for food pairing in hot summer months, where we seek for wines that pair with food but leave us energized and refreshed. Can a red be refreshing? Yes. Try Lasina from Ante Sladić.

Plavina also preserves freshness thanks to the colder nights in Plastovo micro-location. Even on the hottest summer days, where the temperatures in the vineyards exceed 40 degrees Celsius, the nights are cooling the vines down allowing them to achieve incredible balance at the end.

You will love Plavina, the richness of the aromas on the nose, from spiced dark fruits, cherries, plums and blueberries, sweet wooden undertone to the incredibly light feel on the palate. The acidity is perfectly balanced with the richness and the power of the fruit, resulting in surprised effect after tasting the wine.

Winemaker Ante Sladić

Explore Plastovo

There’s a lot more to discover if you find yourself in Skradin. From famous Skardin risotto, cooked and prepared for hours (really!) and “čokalice” fired smelts to abundance of wines, mostly indigenous varieties grown only here.

The food and the wines make this small part of Croatia, a hidden paradise for wine lovers.

With the wine offer at thewineandmore, we’ll get you exploring most of this region.

Enjoy tasting different Mediterranean with us!



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