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Vinistra 2017 – International Wine and Wine Equipment Exhibition

The 24th International Wine and Wine Equipment Fair, Vinistra, will take place in Poreč 12 -14 May 2017. In addition to wines, olive oils and schnapps are also evaluated at Vinistra.

CUJ Bjelica olive oil
$17.48128,64 HRK

After being named as the Wine Region of 2017, by the Munskänkarna leading world wine association, Istria will host the 24th International Wine Exhibition – Vinistra.

Vinistra is the longest –running exhibition of this type and every year the growing interest shows its importance, both for wine, olive oil and schnapps producers as well as the visitors and wine lovers.

During the three days exhibition, you will be able to taste the wines from this wine region and enjoy at the gastronomic corner of the fair.

Vinistra Gourmet, a special part of the exhibition, is a place where visitors can taste a variety of delicacies of local and international chefs, which are all paired with wines of Vinistraexhibitors.



May, 12.-15.

Poreč, Istria


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