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When the clock hits midnight! 3 tricks for serving sparkling wines properly

It is time that sparkling wine gets the glory it really deserves. Instead of firing a plug at midnight and spilling the sparkling wine while celebrating the entry to the New Year, here’s the way you can truly enjoy the sparkling drops.

Sparkling wines are a special type of specialty wine. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide, sparkling wines generally have more sharp and refreshing taste. All it takes it seems is a certain amount of carbon dioxide, which, when opening the bottle, creates a foam. There are many ways to make the sparkling wine, but in every scenario, these 3 steps will make sure you are enjoying the chosen sparkling wine properly.

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Step One

For the majority of sparkling wines and Champagnes, the ideal temperature for serving is 4-6 degrees °C. In addition to being the ideal temperature for serving, it is also important when opening. If the temperature is too high, the cork outflow can be increased and therefore precious bubbles can be lost. And you don’t want that 🙂

Sparkling wine is best cooled in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. If you do not have time, cool it in a bucket filled with water, ice and a hand of salt. There are also sparkling wine coolers and chillers available at our store at Wine&More… sorry, we do not sell gadgets. Not yet at least.

Step Two

Once cooled to the desired temperature, the bottle of sparkling wine is best opened in a way to remove the foil, relax the wire, turn the bottle to 45 degrees approximately and firmly hold the cork while slowly rotating the bottle with the other hand. Keep your thumb on the cork and the only sound you will hear will be the hiss off the gas escaping. So, the plug should come out lightly and you will not lose bubbles as you would with pop. And the taste that you get after this kind of pulling out of the cork, is the intended one.


Step Three

Forget the common flutes for serving sparkling wines! Those were designed for visual stimulus as their shape stimulates the bubbles, so called “perlage”. Experts and wine lovers all over the world turn to regular white wine glasses or specially designed new tulip champagne wine glasses for the purpose of truly enjoying all that a good sparkling can provide. The reason behind abandoning the tradition of the famous flutes lies behind the complexity sparkling wine can share, especially the ones made with the Méthode Traditionelle. Flutes are restrictive and don’t allow enough aeration for the perfect expression of those complex sparklings.

Choose perfect sparkling wines in our web shop and get ready for your New Year’s Eve celebration properly. Happy holidays!


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