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10 Upcoming Wine Festivals and Events in Croatia – 2017/2018

Summer vacations are over and we are ready for the new season of wine events, festivals, and gatherings. Here is the list of upcoming 2017/2018 events in one place. Make sure not to miss your favorites.

24.11. – 25.11.2017 VINOCOM Zagreb

The biggest wine and food festival in Croatia is a perfect way for the wine season opening. Taking place in Zagreb city centre, in the iconic Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. During the two-day festival, Esplenade turns into wine and gastro oasis for all of us wine lovers in Zagreb and beyond. Vinocom gathers more than 300 winemakers, food and delicacies producers that show their best products at the fair. You’ll find everything from marinated fish and shells to homemade bread during the two days of Vinocom.

At the Vinocom website, you’ll find the exhibitors list so be sure to check it out and decide which winemakers you don’t want to miss on the fair. Believe us; it is very easy to get lost once you are in Esplanade Hotel. The festival also offers additional workshops.

Find out more about Vinocom

Duration: 2 days

Location: Esplanade Zagreb Hotel

Osijek Wine Festival- Photo: WIneOS FB

01—02.12.2017 WINEOS – Osijek Wine Fest

More than 70 exhibitors, producers and traders of wine and gastronomic delicacies will gather in the EssekerCentre area of about 800m2 in Osijek. The official opening of the festival is scheduled for December 1 (Friday) at 15:00.

Both days, Friday and Saturday, the festival will be open from 15:00 to 21:00. The festival will present wines, various delicacies, organize seminars and educational workshops for business people, traders, sommeliers, caterers, journalists and all the lovers of wine and gastronomy.

Duration: 2 days

Location: Esseker Centre, Osijek

02.02.2018 Salon of Sparkling Wines Zagreb

Salon of Sparkling Wines is a one-day event focused exclusively on sparkling wines. Salon gathers more than 40 winemakers from Croatia and Slovenia and several foreign exhibitors with their best sparkling wines. As we, wine consumers, enjoy more and more sparkling wines each year there was a high demand for specialized events like this one.

Taking place in Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb, along with premium sparkling wines in the glass, visitors can enjoy spectacular sights on the main square in Zagreb.

Duration: 1 day

Location: Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb

03/2018 PINK DAY Zagreb

Celebrating the Woman’s Day in March, this rose wine festival is organized by the largest wine enthusiast organization in Croatia – Woman on Wine (WOW Croatia). Beside rose wines and sparkling wines, the festival also promotes olive oils.

Winemakers, organizers, and visitors of the Pink Day are dressed in pink details for this occasion. You’d be mistaken if you assumed mostly woman visit the festival. Regardless of the gender, visitors enjoy powerful and structured rose wines made out of Plavacmali or Babić. A perfect occasion for you to rethink rose wines. Prepare the pink colour details for March!

Read report from Pink Day 2017 here

Duration: 1 day

Location: Museum of Art, Zagreb

02.03-03.03.2018 VINART GRAND TASTING Zagreb

Promenade tasting of 100 selected wineries. Wineries are selected by organizers and they represent the most significant producers from every Croatian wine region. The organizers try to extend the festival each year. They aim to gather excellent unknown small producers and to present wines from interesting wine regions outside Croatia. Last year it was Villany Hungary and qvevri wines from Georgia.

The pop-up shop at the Vinart Grand Tasting lets you bring your favorites home, at special festival prices.

Read more about Vinart Grand Tasting!

Duration: 2 days

Location: Lauba, Zagreb

03-03.—04.03.2018 Zadar Wine Festival

The festival will take place in the Zadar Arsenal, a 500-year-old monument of culture, which with its appearance attracts people from all over the world. Zadar and the County of Zadar are currently one of the fastest growing wine regions in Croatia, and more and more winemakers, international prizes and big investments in wine production are proof of the need to organize one of Zadar’s top wine festival.

The aim is to provide a serious wine festival, which would bring together producers, caterers and wine lovers in one place.

Duration: 2 days

Location: Arsenal Zadar


The biggest eno-gastro festival in Croatia is taking place two weekends in a row. Dalmatia Wine Expo starts in Split and then moves for Makarskathe next weekend. Festival gathers almost all leading producers of wine, delicacies, and olive oils, representatives of top restaurants and hotels in one place.

The first weekend in Split is followed by numerous interesting lecturers and workshops. The main topic is to promote and talk about indigenous grape varieties of Dalmatia but also to see how many other international varieties are succeeding in this region.

Next weekend after Split, the Dalmatia Wine Expo moves to Makarska for full two days on Kačić Square. The city centre becomes one of the great eno-gastronomic stages with soundtracks of music where you will find something for everyone. Series of open-air concerts follows numerous stands where the selected winemakers will present the indigenous flavours of Dalmatia.

Duration: 2 weekends in a row, April

Location: Split and Makarska

16-22 April 2018 DUBROVNIK FestiWine

With the first signs of sunny and warm spring days, wine enthusiasts move south. Dubrovnik is hosting the Festiwine, with the aim to promote the indigenous varieties and wine culture of the southernmost part of Croatia. Last year the festival gathered producers and distributors of wine from all over Croatia and the surrounding countries. Wineries from Greece and Italy to the Czech Republic and Slovakia sent their wines for evaluation and wineries from the most distant Croatian vineyards were exhibited at the Festival.

If you are trying to find special Croatian wines “under the radar” this festival could show you some of the undiscovered wineries from islands as well as hinterland.

Read more about wine that we found amazing at the Dubrovnik Festiwine 2017

Duration: 2 days

Location: Lazareti, Dubrovnik

05/2018 VINISTRA Poreč

Vinistra is the longest-running exhibition of this type and every year the growing interest shows its importance, both for wine, olive oil, and schnapps. With Istria, being named as the wine region of 2017 we advise you to stay a bit longer in this stunning wine region.

During the three days exhibition, you will be able to taste the Istrian wines and enjoy at the authentic gastronomic corner of the fair.

Find out more about Vinistra

Duration: 3 days

Location: Sports Hall Žatika, Poreč


One of the best boutique wine festivals is traditionally held in Skradin, hosted by the famous Bibich winery and Skipper’s Club Arka. Fine wine and delicious food aside, the atmosphere is the best part of the Skradin Fine Wine Festival. Imagine a tiny marina full of smiling people enjoying themselves.

Read report from Skradin Fine Wine Festival 2017

Duration: 1 day

Location: Skradin Marina

We’ll keep on updating the list as new festival and events are being announced.

See you there!


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