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Wine Love Story: Your Blood and Mine

The story behind G&J wines is the oldest story in the world – the story of love, wine, and love for wine. G&J stands for Gino and Jadranka, two passionate wine lovers and collectors who overcame all obstacles to become winemakers, and saw their vision of wine become reality in their own wine trademark.

Gino and Jadranka fell in love with wine while they lived in France, and that is where their unique idea of making their own wine by connecting French winemaking tradition and Croatian grapes was born. The very often reproduced quote by Robert Louis Stevenson, “Wine is bottled poetry,” is actually pretty true for G&J’s ‘Your Blood and Mine’ wine.

It was poetry, a verse by W.B. Yeats, that inspired Gino and Jadranka to start turning that crazy idea into reality.

Their idea was crazy because although they were both wine connoisseurs with respectable wine knowledge and collection, Gino and Jadranka had no experience whatsoever in wine production.

To make things even more difficult, they did not have their own vineyard or wine cellar. All of the winemakers, enologists or sommeliers they knew discouraged them from producing their own wine, but their vision and willpower was too strong.

Everything is possible if you love what you do and you strongly believe you can do it. In the end, that is the only reason we’ve managed to produce our own wine in – says Jadranka.

G&J Tvoja krv i moja krv (Your Blood and Mine) is a typical Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot coupage. The wine is designed to reflect the harmony of two components: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, man and woman, Gino and Jadranka, his blood and hers – they have always been together and they will stay together forever in perfect harmony. Gino and Jadranka see Cabernet Sauvignon as male and Merlot as female and their tastes and aromas blend perfectly to make a new and perfect creation. As man and woman have the ability to create new life, Gino and Jadranka created new wine.

Your Blood and Mine by G&J is made from top quality grapes organically grown in the Benkovac-Stankovac vineyards of Northern Dalmatia and is aged in new barrique barrels.

The wine has already won several wine quality awards, and Gino and Jadranka have managed to establish G&J as one of the best Croatian wineries, proving that love and wine know no obstacles.

They were aware that their story and wine’s name would appear pretentious or even extreme but that wasn’t their intention. The only message Gino and Jadranka want to share with their wine is that of love and how wine is similar to love – one can never have enough of either, and both will be sought when one’s life is deprived of them.. As the label says:

Wine is conceived in the Sky
Born from the Earth
Grows on the Love
We give it

And as every love story is based on honesty Gino and Jadranka are more than ready to share what Your Blood and Mine production looks like. Enjoy it and make sure to taste this unique and special wine!


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