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Barun Manzoni Ice 2016

Barun Manzoni Ice 2016
10,99 € 82,42 HRK
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Barundić winery is in Brezarić near Krašić in central Croatia, located near Jastrebarsko, about 50 km southwest of Zagreb. There Josip Barundić slowly began to revive the wine tradition started by his grandparents. Josip was born 37 years ago in France, in Nice, and his parents sent him as a 10-year-old kid to his mother's home country. Josip with his wife Mara and his family began to work more seriously in 2009. He invested in modern technology, knowledge, and had great support and help from enologist Goran Marmilic. Also, Josip brought a French way of thinking and experiencing wine, and applied to the local circumstances. Barun wines and sparkling wines are very enjoyable and light, mainly because they contain very little sulfur.

Wine notes

WINERY Barun Winery
Region Central Croatia
variety Manzoni

Icy, and fragrant. It smells of lemon, lime, vineyard peach, grape, and nectarine. And then a delicate note of petroleum opens, and then "pinch" of herbal note, white flowers. Even the smell becomes honey like, reminisce on the Linden flower and Linden honey. The smell of white cherry came from somewhere. The color is light yellow and the taste is so full. Pleasant acids, lively, still citrusy, sweet, delicious, long-lasting. There is some special elegance in that ice beauty. Delicate, refined and leaves - a deep trace. 12.5 alcohols do not even come to the fore. Manzoni Ice Barun is opiate with elegance and refined elegance.

  • Lemon
  • Peach
  • Honey
  • grapes

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