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Bire Grk 2016
23,99 € 179,92 HRK
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Grk, the indigenous grape from Dalmatian island Korčula is, along with Pošip, the most potent local white grape variety. It grows only around Lumbarda, a small town at the southern end of island Korčula. Some think that it was brought to Korčula by the ancient Greeks around 500 BC, while others believe that it was named for the pleasant tart finish of the wine (grk is the Croatian for tart or bitter). The harvest yield is very variable because the flowers are functionally all feminine and their fertilization is irregular: to encourage fertilization, some other grape variety which blossoms at the same time is always grown nearby. In Lumbarda that is usually Plavac Mali. Frano Milina Bire is the only winemaker who has ecologically grown vineyard of this grape.

Wine notes

WINERY Agritourism Frano Milina Bire
Region Dalmatia
variety Grk

Grown on stony soil, it has strong minerality with very good acidity which gives freshness despite very prominent body. The vine is noted for its dense upright shoots and its strong trunk. The grapes ripen at the end of August and the beginning of September. White spice and and melon aromas, with a generous palate which reminds of Pinot Gris. The length, as is typical for this grape, is very good. The wine is vinified in another small stone room, not much bigger than a garage, in stainless steel under temperature control. No sulphur is used during fermentation or bottling.

  • white pepper
    white pepper
  • Melon
  • dried herbs
    dried herbs
  • Pear
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