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Bolfan Rose 2015

Bolfan Rose 2015
6,49 € 48,68 HRK
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Tomislav Bolfan is one of the most important winemaker from Zagorje area. Every year he wins few Decanter World Cup awards. As Tomislav says; the peak in wine production are completely natural wines and we wish to achieve that by implementing a 100 % natural method of vine growing, followed by processing must into wine. Fresh wine, different mineral and fruity natural aromas, flowery varietal fragrances, for people who look for more, people who can recognize the difference. Bolfan Vinski Vrh’s philosophy is that wine is made for personal pleasure, relaxation, dancing, socializing and special moments. Vines have grown at the site of Bolfan Vinski Vrh, Croatia for thousands of years. Dating as far back as the Roman Empire, Bolfan estate has been the site where many wines have been produced and tasted. With thousands of years to practice their craft, it’s no wonder this charming winery is home to award-winning wines.

Wine notes

WINERY Bolfan Vinski Vrh
Region Central Croatia
variety Pinot Noir

Beautiful intense pink color, smells very clean, precise, open, fresh red fruit; strawberries, raspberries, red grapefruit, great integrated acid, fine tannins, slightly crunchy, smooth. Dry rose wine with 12.5%, geographical origin Zagorje-Međimurje. Simple, yielding, harmonic. Exactly what it should be.

  • Raspberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Wild strawberries
    Wild strawberries
  • Blackberry
8,99 € 67,42 HRK
9,99 € 74,92 HRK
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