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Crvik Malvasija Dubrovačka Tezoro 2016

Crvik Malvasija Dubrovačka Tezoro 2016
13,99 € 104,92 HRK
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Andro Crvik, a well-known winemaker, president of the Konavle winemaker association. He spent his entire life with wine and wine making. Thus, founding his own winery in 1993 was a logical step. Although he mostly plants Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the emphasis is on the indigenous Malvasia Dubrovačka, Maraština white, and Plavac Mali. Vines for Crvik winery is mostly grown in Lower Konavle, from Komaja, Popovica, Radovcic up to Vitaljina. On the barren red terroir of Konavle, which gives characteristics bouquet to the Crvik wines. Part of the vineyards is located on the outskirts of the Konavle field. The future of the Crvik winery is secured since Andro's son, Petar is also a graduate of Agronomy at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. And he is gradually taking over the work in the winery.

Wine notes

WINERY Crvik Winery
Region Dalmatia
variety Malvasija Dubrovačka

Malvasija Dubrovačka is mature, warm, large, complex, solid, harmonious wine for top quality food. The debate is whether it is indeed an indigenous Croatian variety as it is presented. As some studies have shown, it is identical to the Italian Malvasia delle Lipari, the Malvasia della Sardegna and the Greco di Gerace. Or the Spanish Malvasia de Sitges. It is certain that only the name resembles the well-known Malvasia Istriana. And unlike her, this is a hot Southern white wine that is suited to stronger dishes than those we serve with white wines. Crvik's Malvasia Tezoro got her name from a quotation from Držić's piece where "tezoro" is (treasures).

  • Butter
  • Vanilla
  • Lime
  • Toast
17,99 € 134,92 HRK
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