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Dubrovački Podrumi Merlotina 2011

Dubrovački Podrumi Merlotina 2011
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Dubrovački podrumi d.d. is the leading producer of the viticulture in Konavle, near Dubrovnik with a long tradition dating from early 1876. Devastated and burned in the 1990s just like the rest of the Dubrovnik area. In 2002 the company found the power to revitalize the destroyed vineyards. Now the Dubrovački podrumi dd has 35 hectares of the renewed vineyards and about 70 hectares of vineyards in cooperation with the local wine growers. The Konavle vineyards are clearly a place where the Merlot is doing well, even better than domestic Plavac. At the very least it is on a par with other regions of Croatia for a top Merlot, with the potential perhaps for more. The identifiable terroir of Dalmatia is undeniable in its massive and rich taste, but then it also has far more elegance than is offered by classic premium positions such as Hvar, Brac, or Peljesac, where the wines are laden with extracts and alcohol. It’s rare for an introduced variety to outdo a domestic, but here in Konavle that’s exactly the case. Merlotina, with its excellent quality, has been proving that for a number of harvests in a row now.

Wine notes

WINERY Dubrovački Podrumi
Region Dalmatia
variety Merlot

Merlotina from Dubrovački podrumi, is high quality wine made from vintage Merlot from the vineyard planted in 1979 on the fields of the Konavle valley. Freshness and ripeness, in its specific Dalmatian way. The nose is more new world. With a particularly spicy character. Intense tobacco aromas dominate, followed by sweet jammy notes reminiscent of prunes, then spicy notes like coco or vanilla, with hints of cedar and a bit of dark chocolate. But the flavor is unusually fresh, balanced and elegant. As if it weren’t from Dalmatia. The first impression is the juicy and ripe fruitiness, in the middle you realize it’s very rich, in spite of the elegance, and in the end there come peppery such as black pepper, ending with a tasty sweet note, in spite of its complete dryness. There’s a clear association with the Super Tuscan and modernist Bordeaux. The wine has been nurtured in the best oak barrels selected.

  • Tobacco
  • Dry Plum
    Dry Plum
  • Cedar
  • Cacao

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