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Dubrovački Podrumi Plausus 2009

Dubrovački Podrumi Plausus 2009
22,99 € 172,42 HRK
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Dubrovački podrumi d.d. is the leading producer of the viticulture in Konavle, near Dubrovnik with a long tradition dating from early 1876. Devastated and burned in the 1990s just like the rest of the Dubrovnik area. In 2002 the company found the power to revitalize the destroyed vineyards. Now the Dubrovački podrumi dd has 35 hectares of the renewed vineyards and about 70 hectares of vineyards in cooperation with the local wine growers.

Wine notes

WINERY Dubrovački Podrumi
Region Dalmatia
variety Plavac mali
AWARD Decanter 2013 - Bronze medal

Numerous awards in Croatian press and in "Decanter" magazine prove the outstanding quality of this top-quality wine. The grapes for this wine come top of the steep slopes above Cavtat in Dubrovnik. Grape comes from old vines situated on best locations for the Plavac mali. This vintage wine is matured slowly in new oak barrels, where it gets its distinctive aroma and flavor. After the selection of the best barrels of the vintage, the wine is bottled unfiltered. The wine smells of Dalmatian wild cherries and rum, tickles the palate with extremely fine texture and flavors of wild cherries in liquor, licorice and dark chocolate.

  • Cherry
  • Liquorice
  • Dark Chocolate
    Dark Chocolate
  • Black currant
    Black currant

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