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Edi Simčič Kolos 2011
74,99 € 562,42 HRK
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The wine cellar grew with Edi Simčič and still carries his name, even though his son Aleks took over. "One motive, one creed: to do well whatever you do. Nature itself speaks to the one who can hear it. Changes are the only constant on this path from generation to generation". Edi Simčič is one of the Brda's most consistent wineries. Starting with less than 9 acres in 1990, the Simčič estate has gradually added neighboring plots; it now comprises a patchwork of about 30 acres of vines on the sloping hills to the south and west of the village. “It gives us a bit more possibility for selection of the grapes,” says Aleks Simčič.

Wine notes

WINERY Edi Simčič Wines
Region Gorizia Hills (Goriška brda)
variety Merlot 80%, Cabernet Sauvignon 10%, Cabernet Franc 10%

Produced and matured in the same manner as Duet Lex, and with the same blend of varieties. A selection of the best barrels makes it a different wine. The result is a great tannin structure that is sweet and shows extra quality. If Lex is elegant, Kolos is colossal, muscular, powerful. The nose is intense, with dark red and black fruit with roasted and spicy notes. Blackcurrant, tobacco, blackberry, smoke and even resin are sensed most frequently. It is muscular, tannic, not in the least shy, with an intensive character that fills the mouth and leaves a long aftertaste. It is a very individual wine, a right choice for those who love intense and opulent wines. Suitable for long maturation.

  • Tobacco
  • Black currant
    Black currant
  • Blackberry
  • Raisins

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