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Franković Korona Sur Lie Malvazija 2015

Franković Korona Sur Lie Malvazija 2015
21,99 € 164,92 HRK
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On the west coast of Istria, grapes are grown on "terra rossa", red soil. While Santa Lucija is "breathing" the white Istrian soil, the mother of extraordinary wines and above all the unique Buje Malvazija. From this "white" soil comes Franković wine selection. It has always been known that the Malvazija from Buje surroundings is distinguished by exceptional quality. But with Franković distinctive Malvazija, Teran, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, and Cabernet-Sauvignon are also born in the same Santa Lucia locality.

Wine notes

WINERY Franković Wine
Region Istria & Kvarner
variety Malvasia Istriana
AWARD Decanter World Wine Awards 2017- Silver

The grapes for this wine was picked a bit later than usual. The maceration was done for three days. After that, the fermentation was started in stainless steel barrels. Then, after 30% fermentation, the wine was put into new barrels of French oak, where the wine was aged for 10 months. Distinct aromas of jasmine, ripe green apple, and floral nose. A lovely development of honey, vanilla, and oak on the palate. Beautifully structured.

  • Vanilla
  • Honey
  • Green apple
    Green apple
  • acacia flowers
    acacia flowers

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